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Develop a flexible web application with the help of proficient Angular.js developers. We use this JavaScript framework by Google to build elaborated UIs and robust software solutions

For Whom?

Businesses with complex software & UIs

Angular.js technology is the right fit to build applications with complex user interfaces or business structure. Dividing your application by controllers and layers, it can simplify further software maintenance or changes. Reduce your concerns related to complex app logic and create a seamless user flow through multiple app screens. We offer Angular.js development services to help you out.

Software owners that require frequent updates

Thanks to two-way data binding of Angular.js, updating your application becomes easy. As soon as you change the front-end UI elements, the respective back end model gets changed as well. This means that back-end elements will adjust automatically according to respective front-end software changes.

Services We Offer

Creation of single-page applications

Single page applications may delight users by avoiding the full page load. However, it’s vital to check if the SPA development is the right fit in your specific case. It can negatively impact your SEO rankings without server side rendering. Therefore, we offer AngularJS web application development and consulting based on our 14+ years of development expertise. Build a fast-functioning software solution that delights your users. Ensure a smooth user flow and make your website accessible even without an Internet connection.

AngularJS web development & maintenance

You can build an e-commerce website, a video streaming app, or a travel agency website with AngularJs development services. We help you to implement the necessary features and handle huge loads of data easily. By using Angular.js libraries, we deliver the first results fast, assisting you in the long-term.

Enterprise app development

Enterprise software systems need to be reliable and fast-running. Therefore, we use AngularJS web application development to develop a specialized application tailored to your industry vertical and business. Turn your complex business processes into a lightweight software solution. ByteAnt is an enterprise development partner with the necessary tech skills.

Development of AngularJS Mobile apps

Build a high-performing AngularJS mobile app that will function seamlessly on Android and iOS devices. Angular.js technology simplifies the development of great UIs and helps to manage tons of users. Use Ionic or Apache Cordova frameworks to make your app available across multiple OS and devices. We help you to identify whether it’s worth applying Angular development services to your application.

App migration to AngularJS

Need to migrate your existing application to the latest Angular version? We examine your business case, set precise estimates, and help to migrate your software solution error-free. Whether it’s a complex enterprise web platform or a single-page application, app migration requires a proper strategy and profound AngularJS web development skills. This way, you can avoid hidden expenses and unpredicted issues.

UI & UX design

Create a suitable user interface design for your application. Ensure it is easy to use and corresponds to customers’ expectations. Thanks to the AngularJS development company, you can turn even the most complex workflows into enjoyable in-app journeys. Make it corresponding to your corporate style and industry-specific. ByteAnt team becomes your reliable partner in designing scalable software solutions.

Applications & Industries

Enterprise & agency web portals
Real-time web applications
Video conferencing apps
Social & networking apps
E-commerce websites
Travel portals

Our Portfolio of Works

SaaS platform for metering agencies

To collect the data from various types of metering devices remotely, the Client needed a complex software solution with automated management flows. Therefore, ByteAnt developed a customized web platform integrated with ERP and CRM solutions. We used a distributed architecture and built a single page application using Angular.js technology.

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Social networking site

Storeboard is a social media website created for the eCommerce niche. Thanks to website redesign and modules integration by ByteAnt, users can now present their products, follow the news and events, and gain data on the client's purchasing experience. Within months, AngularJS developers from ByteAnt delivered a solution with enhanced design and performance.

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Libraries We Use

Angular Material

Why Choose Angular.js Development Services?

Accelerated development & reusable components

Various Angular.js libraries allow you to speed up the development and ease further maintenance of your application. Clarity, Angular Material, and Kendo UI offer you reusable menus, tabs, and other UI components. Speed up the development and cut costs by reusing the headers, buttons, and other integrated elements of your user interface.

State management

Properly managing the UI state of your application is important. It prevents potential performance issues and bugs during complex data manipulation or updates.
Angular.js technology allows you to implement complex forms, UIs, and software interactions securely and hassle-free by providing temporary data savings.

Code quality testing

Angular.js code passes through a series of tests thanks to the integrated function. This improves the quality of code and makes it ready for the unit testing stage. Moreover, Angular.js provides a dependency injection pattern that simplifies unit testing.

Why Choose ByteAnt AngularJS Development Company?

Even though it takes more time to master Angularjs web development than React.js, we take pride in delivering quality web development services using this technology. Before we begin, we consult you on the tech aspects and figure out the best strategy for your business. Down below, you can check some facts about ByteAnt:

  • high-skilled Angular.js developers with an average of 5+years experience;
  • 14+ years of industry experience
  • Microsoft-certified development partner
  • flexible engagement models
  • Agile methodology
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