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How Edge Computing Will Transform Most Industries' Future

29 Aug 2019

Main benefits of edge-driven solutions for business

The IoT (Internet of Things) and cloud computing have greatly changed and enhanced the entire operational procedure regarding data gathering, processing and analyzing. They have set a new bar for companies, which provide their services and tools for data management, and simplified the working processes for end-users. However, the progress does not stand still, and many companies used to stick to new effective and innovative methods, in order to keep up with the times and extract new benefits.

It must be noted, as the total amount of applied IoT devices are expected to reach over 75 billion by 2025, it is hard to imagine how enormously large will be the data, stored in clouds. As a result, powerful cores for handling such big databases, as well as perfectly adjustable software and tools for strong and error-free security are a crucial requirement. Thus, the whole data handling procedure via sole cloud computing will be unprofitable and of reduced performance. 

That’s where edge computing 2019 solutions show up to partly replace cloud-based technology and help to avoid aforementioned issues, as much, as possible.

Bluntly put, unlike remote cloud, edge-driven solutions run on the equipment with attached IoT devices, without automated continuous data transmitting to the cloud or other platforms. In other words, data computation occurs exactly near the source, so the data is handled and stored within a local network, on an IoT-based object or network node. The major goal of the edge-based solution here is to decentralize the whole data handling procedure.

While the Internet connection speed, stability, and continuity are vital for the cloud computing IoT devices, the edge-based IoT devices can actually run as automotive units. Thus, excluding any issues, arising from the breaches and vulnerabilities in the Internet connections and cloud software, as well as breaking the limitations of SaaS cloud-based solutions. That’s why around 75% of enterprise-generated information will be handled outside the cloud by 2025, According to Gartner. Consequently, resulting in the edge computing market will be beyond $13 billion worldwide, in compliance with Transparency Market Research.

To be more specific, we can outline the most vital edge computing benefits:

  • Enhanced security. The architecture of cloud computing is centralized, so it's greatly vulnerable to DDoS attacks or any other cyberattacks. Edge computing solutions, on the other hand, distribute all the stages of data handling among various devices, such as sensors, transponders, cameras, just to mention a few, and data centers. Thus, making the entire network more protected and less vulnerable. Moreover, since the sensitive and important data is less transferred and stored remotely, your business is much safer than before;
  • Improved operational speed and business performance. The edge-based IoT devices gather, process and analyze the data locally, basically close to the occurrence source, thus greatly reducing its physical transferring time and latency. In view of this, you can utilize the data on a real-time basis without any delays. Due to the autonomous edge-based IoT devices operation, the stability of the Internet connection is not of crucial importance anymore
  • Decent scalability. Edge computing solutions allow you to expand the whole IoT network and computing capacities, using additional IoT devices and data centers, with disregard for available cloud storage;
  • Cut prices. Since you store and handle data locally, there is no urgent need in cloud solutions. Not to mention, you can exclude irrelevant information before sending it to other platforms and only backup the data you consider to be vital;
  • Integration capabilities. Edge-based IoT devices as well as edge computing software can be easily integrated with/attached to other equipment, devices, platforms and applications, thus providing great usability.

With that said, edge computing software and the entire solution is of high importance for any company, aiming at reducing expenses and enhancing its prosperity and profits. However, cloud computing solutions still provide great advantages as well, so each company should wisely strike a happy medium and set a balance between both. 

Edge Computing Use Cases in Different Industries

The relevant, full-fledged data is unquestionably one of the most indispensable keys not in business only, but as well in all spheres of our lives.

Manufacturing. It’s the exact sector, where IoT devices are used specifically for-profit purposes and utilized across-the-board in every related industry. It’s here when innovative intelligent solutions are of monumental importance for reaching massive benefits and profits. By using edge computing smart-based technologies, manufacturers can receive valuable real-time data on every operational process, equipment status and condition, produced product quality and so much more. 

With such acquired data, it is possible to perform preventive measures and in-time maintenance works, avoid huge unnecessary expenses and improve the final product quality, by processing and analyzing real-time data.

Healthcare. Healthcare and medical industry is another great example, where IoT-driven edge computing solutions play a critical and significant part. When it comes to a patient’s health condition and status, it’s vital for physicians to receive in-depth real-time data. So, instead of working with big incomplete databases from the cloud, edge-driven solutions can provide robust analyzed data in real-time. It is especially crucial when a patient is in a critical condition and unconscious or is under special treatment in the emergency department. 

Through smart-based technology, capable of calculating, processing and analyzing data, such devices on their own can recommend the treatment and help physicians to determine a correct diagnosis;

Fully automated vehicles. Even though we shall not see such a great technology being fully globally adopted in the nearest future, some of the features are in use already. The autonomous vehicles idea clearly illustrates the importance of edge computing for the modern world and state-of-the-art technologies, in particular. Since a human life depends on the correct calculations of the trajectory, road objects and obstacles identification and connection to other vehicles on the way, the data must be processed and analyzed immediately in real-time.

Unfortunately, cloud-based software and hardware cannot provide any beneficial effect when taken alone. So, edge computing here is the best technology to adopt in the first place. However, stacking up these two initiatives together, you can enjoy even greater functionality. While edge-based devices and software make the most urgent calculations, cloud-driven solutions at the same time perform the less important data handling, barring Internet connection issues.

With reference to the aforementioned, we can conclude the edge computing solutions are one of the top 10 tech trends for 2019 and beyond. Being implemented in your business structure, you come up with new great opportunities and benefits that fit your requirements and needs.

Rest assured, if you are about to opt for such technologies, ByteAnt is always ready to offer you competitive solutions with an eye to Edge Computing or provide consultation insights on any other software development bottlenecks. Feel free to contact us anytime.

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About the Author
Valeriy is CEO of ByteAnt with over 15 years of experience in software development always focusing and embracing new technologies IoT and SaaS. Besides leading the ByteAnt, Valeriy is a public speaker on tech talks, events, and meetups; mentor and marathon runner.

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