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Most Popular Medical Apps for Doctors and Patients

10 Aug 2020
“You have to choose the correct technology and solution and wrap the people and process around to link them together. People, process, and technology are interrelated. You can't talk about one without the others.”
- James Woodson, MD, FACEP and CEO of Pulsara, a provider of mobile communication network software for healthcare systems

Over the last decade, smartphones have made a disruptive breakthrough, started from merely communications tools with a set of simplified games and got to where they are now – powerful business mediators with lots of specialized mobile apps.   

The industry of digital healthcare is quite diverse as it includes several components. 

As you can see, the digital healthcare space is quite branchy as it leverages the huge potential of the latest innovative tech trends, like IoT, Big Data and AI for the sake of both patients and healthcare providers. Earlier, we already elaborated on the benefits of adopting Telemedicine services on a global scale. This time around, we will focus on using healthcare apps and single out the best medical apps for doctors and patients.

mHealth: The benefits of using medical apps

Nowadays, this is mHealth that drives development and revenue throughout the overall digital healthcare industry. The recent stats by Statista show that by 2021 the global mHealth market is estimated to reach $100 bn, which accounts for nearly half of the predicted total digital healthcare share of $206 billion.


The reason behind such popularity is pure and simple – medical applications can help enhance the interaction between patients and healthcare providers across multiple touch points:

  • Improve patient experience. Medical apps for patients come in handy in handling ordinary cases as well as in critical situations, where access to professional medical assistance is not available at the moment (patients with disabilities, rural dwellers, etc.).
  • Personal health data security. Modern healthcare software solutions ensure storing all the medical data safe and sound on cloud-based servers, while enabling patients keeping track of all the changes within their past health-related admission history.
  • Enhance physician efficiency. Medical apps for doctors are an indispensable tool when it comes to orchestrating massive personal and patient datasets, optimizing communication, and making their job less stressful with minimum paperwork.
  • Accurate real-time healthcare insights. Harnessing the power of healthcare mobile app development can greatly improve communication efficiency rates for all the stakeholders. What’s more, it helps avoid human errors to get more reliable results needed for further patient treatment.

10 top medical apps to consider for 2020

Among the ocean of unappetizing medical apps, however, it is way too difficult to find the effective ones that would suit your needs. You may wonder, how to choose a decent mobile application for healthcare?

After a thorough examination (not medical this time, though the pun is intended), we’ve made up a top list of the best medical apps for doctors, medical students and patients of 2020. So, here it is – just take your pick!

1. UpToDate

A powerful platform for doctors and medical students. It provides easy access to its functions from most devices, like smartphones, desktop computers and tablets. The solution has vast amounts of up-to-date professional info resources on almost every single field of healthcare, which is shared across physicians and clinics with no hassle. Doctors from all around the globe have a possibility to get proven recommendations from the world’s best experts. Explore an overview of UpToDate app in the video.

2. DynaMed Plus

This is a robust evidence-based solution for clinicians, who need to get instant yet relevant insights on multiple cases when they are on the go. The app is fully compatible with iOS and Android platforms. A user-friendly interface and access to exhaustive information on every topic is what makes it an indispensable tool for healthcare providers.

3. Isabel Pro

One of the most actionable medical apps for diagnostics. A large database enables practitioners to consult expert publications to check their diagnoses. The app includes a number of useful features, like filtering by age, gender and travel history of patients. An integrated knowledge base contains info on all the known diseases and their symptoms to help healthcare providers make better decisions. 

4. Sonosupport

A unique tool for ultrasound examinations. With this app on board, you can easily get your clinical-grade ultrasound diagnostics at home. The app provides insights on when and why the patient should undergo a scanning procedure. Due to a vast hi-res image database, you can easily double-check the previous diagnosis. A mobile responsive interface with well-detailed anatomy illustrations helps compare sonographic results right at the bedside.

5. Medscape

This app can retrieve healthcare-related news from the Internet to provide physicians with the most accurate and timely information on all the clinical topics. Its database comprises reference information on over 8,000 OTC and prescription drugs, supplements and herbals alongside a checker for drug interaction and a pill identifier. 


This is a complex clinical software solution designed for decision support and patient care optimization. The app allows physicians to input all the patient’s symptoms to come up with a certain diagnosis. Free access to over 3,000 disease profiles and intuitive interface makes the application popular among healthcare providers. 

7. MDCalc

This is an effective calculating tool that can be used both as a desktop and a mobile app version. The app is available for iOS and Android platforms. It provides healthcare professionals and medical students with great decision tools to help identify over 150 various disease states with recommended treatment instructions.

8. Complete Anatomy

This solution designed by 3D4Medical is more than just a medical app. This is a full-fledged anatomy platform that leverages the benefits of innovative 3D technology to provide insights no conventional tools ever could. The solution is compatible with all the popular devices, be it macOS, Windows 10, iPad, iPhone or Android. With a widespread professional community that interactively contribute to the development of the medical app knowledge base, this application is used in over 300 top medical universities by both medical students and professors. 

9. VisualDX

Yet another visual-based healthcare app that possesses a unique digital library of numerous disease states, even the rarest health conditions. The app is geared for assisting healthcare specialists to make more accurate clinical decisions based on the vast hi-res image database and intuitive search features. 

10. Appointik

This is a cloud-based application design to improve medical practice management efficiency. The tool is available for Android devices so far, yet the huge potential leaves no room for doubt of its soon expansion on other platforms. Among the most prominent features are easy access to patient historical data, smooth appointment scheduling and canceling, e-prescription, billing and quick info sharing via messengers or email.

With all that said, you can’t but notice that mHealth apps are great in number and quite hard to choose from. However, most of them allow users to give it a try with free trial periods and less pricey individual plans.

If you are likely to have a personalized software app tailored to your specific healthcare needs, you’d better turn your eye on custom-built solutions. ByteAnt is skillful at developing and integrating robust medical applications for healthcare organizations and their patients. You are free to contact us at your convenience – anytime.

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