The Top 35 Startup Podcasts For Founders in 2020

11 Aug 2020

As a founder, you are wearing multiple hats. Pitching your idea for funding, managing team, and startup scaling requires a great deal of attention. How do you learn it fast? Podcasts may be your time-savior, thanks to their convenient audio format. By listening to the most experienced entrepreneurs and tech founders, you can get real-life stories and improve your entrepreneurial skills episode by episode, on the go.

Here is the list of the best startup podcasts we collected for you. They teach you helpful startup lessons, share real founder stories, and offer helpful advice. In whatever region you operate, this collection will definitely bring something useful to you. Let’s dive in!

Top startup podcasts 2020

1. TechFoundersTalk

Launched by a software development company for startups, TechFoundersTalk is a series of interviews with successful tech founders. Every episode includes a discussion with a specific tech founder sharing his story, challenges, and behind-the-scenes of successful startups. You will not find the universal recipe for building a top startup, even though it’s a fun way to learn from other founder’s mistakes & challenges.

The show includes interviews with innovators in real estate, healthcare, and the legal industry. It also covers the core founder pains, such as building a development team with a limited budget, market entry barriers, and data issues.


2. Startup Capital Podcast


Dedicated to North Florida’s entrepreneurs, this podcast includes discussions on the local businesses and what drives the success of the local community. The podcast is by Cuttlesoft, a Florida-based software development agency. Besides studying the stories behind local startups, the podcast also explores how the local community can help startup founders to succeed. The host talks about the startup road to ROI, workplace culture, and many other hot topics.

The podcast counts three seasons so far, with an average episode duration of 30 minutes. If you have a startup located in North Florida, this podcast is a must-listen.


3. How I built this

Would you like to know the story behind WeWork or VICE creation? Discover this podcast series talking about the most iconic organizations. The host is Guy Raz, and the length of the episode can range from 20 minutes to 1+ hour each. Find out the stories behind those brands and how the most successful entrepreneurs of today started their journeys.


4. The Startup Chat

Hosted by Steli and Hiten, this podcast launches new episodes on Tuesdays and Fridays. Every episode focuses on a specific topic like anxiousness in business, online meetings, sales, and customer feedback. Throughout the conversation, you learn some actionable insights on a subject. How to reduce the churn rates during pandemics, how to improve your customer retention, and what mistakes to avoid. The best part, you can learn it while driving to your office or back home.


5. This week in startups


In one of the episodes, listen to the investor of Twitter, Uber, and Snapchat chatting with a podcast host Jason Calacanis. The weekly podcast series covers the most curious, exciting, and worthless entrepreneur stories from around the world. The series started in 2009 when there were not many alternatives. It remains among the most curious podcasts until now.

6. Accelerator

This podcast series covers startups in Central Florida as they take part in Starter Studio, an accelerator program in Orlando. As a listener, you can walk through a startup growth journey with all the challenges and progress until the demo day. Walkthrough investor pitching, raising capital, building marketing, and a team throughout this podcast series. Explore the wins and failures to get ready for your own startup journey.


7. Startup Podcast

Launched by a podcasting company Gimlet Media, this is a documentary series dedicated to the life of entrepreneurs. The entire first season talks about the podcasting company Gimlet Media, and the second covers the story of the Dating Ring. In the later episodes, learn about other companies as well. Besides describing the founding and growing a business, the podcast also covers the cash problems, launching a quilt shop during a financial crisis and much more. The podcast was listened to by 1 000 000 users monthly in 2015.


8. The Pitch


The Pitch podcast covers particularly pitching of startup ideas to venture investors, the process of selling the project ideas, and growing a startup. The series discusses a variety of industry players like fashion, software, dating, and house rent. Listen to successful entrepreneurs sharing their fundraising stories and the struggle behind them. What problems can a startup solve, and what ideas do investors buy? Find the answers in the podcast.  


If you have had enough of cross-industry founder’s talks and are looking for the tech-focused podcast, here it is. RocketShip talks about tech product growth, management, and sales. It will be useful for product managers, designers, entrepreneurs, and any tech industry workers. Learn from the stories of Instagram, PayPal, Shift, and Audible. New episodes go live twice a week.


Real estate podcasts for startuppers


10. The Norris Group Real Estate Radio Show

Bruce Norris is a real estate investor, coach, and lender based in California. In the show, he talks with real estate professionals about the current trends and the impact of real estate market tendencies on business. In the latest episodes, Bruce talks a lot about the Covid-19 effect on real estate businesses and gives some useful advice on adapting to the new reality. The show is a great way to educate oneself on the market changes, as it counts 500+ episodes so far.

11. The PropTech Podcast

This podcast series illustrates innovative things in the real estate niche. Every episode has a different guest, who advances the property business. Both women and men talk about how their products simplify house management, divided ownership, and CRMs that connect realtors with their customers. Overall, the podcast explores how tech solutions transform the industry and is a good listen for startup innovators. 

12. Invest Florida

If you need insights into the real estate investments and market opportunities, this is a quality podcast to start. Invest Florida host is Eric Odum and Steven Silverman, who have 10+ years of experience in the housing investment market. Get insights on Protection Program loans, properties management, and lead generation in real estate business. It is a great listen for anyone working in real estate.


13. Real estate is your business

Explore a set of discussions with successful tech founders and real estate innovators. The two hosts Thomas Kutzman and Scott Pollack invite various guests to talk about their products, marketplaces, and blockchain solutions. Explore how tech products simplify the collaboration and processes in real estate.

Healthtech startup podcasts to learn from


If you are launching your health tech product, fight for users’ attention, or work in a health tech niche, this podcast is for you. HCBizShow explains the healthcare business and opposing priorities in the industry. It is co-hosted by two IT professionals in healthcare Don Lee and Shahid Shah. Together with their guests, the show hosts discuss digital prescriptions, telehealth, and innovation despite the Covid-19 crisis. To check out definitely for healthcare innovators!


15. Startup Health NOW

Listen to tech founders, innovators, and healthcare practitioners who are changing the medical niche. Every episode is devoted to a specific topic based on real-life stories. Explore how health tech businesses get reshaped due to the Covid-19 impact, the hiring issue in medicare, and how mental health solutions help to fight racism.


16. Health Tech Podcast by GeekWire

Centered around the innovation in medicine, this podcast interviews tech entrepreneurs in the Northwest Pacific. Learn about the future of remote user monitoring, or explore some great product ideas in the health tech sector. Some topics include an autism test, the application of AI in the corona fight, and the role of voice tech for medical personnel. This podcast will keep you up-to-date about the health tech trends and may give you ideas for future products.


17. Medtech Talk Podcast

Explore the weekly discussions around the tech transformation in healthcare. The podcast includes discussions with thriving CEOs, investors, and Medtech experts around the hot industry topics. Learn to form a productive team and explore the most unusual career path of Medtech industry players. MedTech Talk Podcast is your go-to resource to check the latest industry news.


18. Florida Health Radio

For the entrepreneurs interested in Florida business and health tech, this podcast is just the right match. It covers the latest industry news and insights from industry practitioners and therapists. If you are following the latest Medtech news, listening to this podcast is a good idea. 


Podcasts for startups learning

19. Traction: how startups start

Launched by a venture capital agency, the Traction podcast series covers the key lessons startups need to learn to achieve better results. You can find startup founders, media representatives, and investors among the guests of this show. The topics discussed range from the product-market fit to growth hacking and working with co-founders. You can also learn how to find the best tech talent for your startup from this podcast.

20. Equity

Equity is a podcast created by TechCrunch, focused on capital & finances topics. The host brings you stories straight from Silicon Valley about finances management, and the exact sums of fundings raised. Explore the rules of venture capital, how much various startups raised during each seed round, and how not to lose money afterward. 


21. Startup School Radio

Listen to the partner at Y Combinator, sharing his advice and talking with startup founders. Y Combinator has dedicated funding to more than 500 startups such as Dropbox, Scribd, Reddit, and Airbnb. Thus, this podcast is a rare chance to view things from the inside out. Learn what may go wrong and why. Real-life examples may be useful for your own startup.


22. Mixergy

If you are looking for the interviews with the most successful startup founders, look no further. Besides them, the podcast also includes lessons on entrepreneurship in another format. By signing up for a Premium plan, you get instant access to the full list of interviews and courses.

The topics of lessons vary from how to create free publicity for your product, to growth and influencer marketing.


23. Innovation Crush

Listen to the weekly episode series hosted by Chris Denson. Focused on technology and creativity in the corporate world, series uncover some of the greatest projects and the founders behind. Some of the hosts include Lee David Zlotoff, Jon Levy, and Philip Thomas. Learn how to engage your users and create a Wow effect with this podcast. 

24. The Tim Ferriss Show

Rated as the best of Apple Podcasts for three years in a row, the show received more than 9000 5-star reviews. It was named the #1 business podcast on Apple Podcasts. Some of the guests of this podcast are famous athletes, musicians, actors, and investors. Tim Ferriss show teaches you some valuable lessons on how to succeed in a business world based on real-life examples. Make sure to check it out if you are interested in entrepreneurship.


25. Startups for the rest of us

This podcast includes more than 500 episodes and is among the highest-rated ones. It educates on building and growing your startup through in-depth conversations with tech  & SaaS founders. The podcast runs since 2010, teaching you how to monetize your B2C product, what the core SaaS KPIs are, and what to search for in a co-founder. Check it if you are working in a SaaS industry.

26. Breaking into Startups

This startup podcast features the stories of entrepreneurs with non-tech experiences, such as consultants, bankers, and athletes who changed their careers. Explore the stories behind growing Thinkful, Climb Credit, Promise, and other technology startups with non-technical founders.


27. E-Corner Stanford

Learn lessons from experienced entrepreneurs and startup founders on how to build, release, and grow your idea. Launched by Stanford University, the podcast shares advice by business leaders, like the co-founder at Alibaba Joe Tsai and the co-founder at Strava. You can learn to find a narrow niche, build the necessary founder’s skill set, and learn from your users with this podcast.


28. The Twenty Minute VC

Pitching for funding is among the most important stages for startups. This podcast offers access to behind the scenes of investors’ decision making. By learning what investors are searching for, you can get a competitive edge over other startups. Some of the other topics discussed we should mention, are the customer acquisition funnel, the system for growth, and fundraising changes during Covid-19.


29. A16z

The podcast offers insights on technology trends such as cloud, big data, blockchain, and more. The interviewers vary from business people to tech industry pros. As a startup founder, you may learn about the applications of AI in the medical niche, real estate industry changes, and the predictions about upcoming market changes. A useful listen to stay updated and informed.


30. The Lean Startup Podcast

Based on his best-selling book, Eric Ries went on to launch a podcast series for tech founders. The episodes cover talks with entrepreneurs who used the Lean Startup methodology in their businesses. Explore the experiments to find a product-market fit, the key performance indicators to measure the success of a company, and more tips from the business leaders like Howard Marks, Tony Robbins, and Bill Miller. 

31. Clockwise

During each episode, our people discuss four different subjects within 30 minutes. Tech products during pandemics, bikes connected to the apps, what else would you like to hear? This podcast covers the latest tech news, events, and problems the society is facing. Stay up-to-date with how online tools change offline education and universities, and more.


32. Masters of Scale

33. The Indie Hackers Podcast

Trying to turn your side project into a profitable business? Then this podcast may guide you on the way. It gathers the issues, startup stories, and advice from the indie hackers who successfully implemented their ideas. How to build a no-code MVP, how to communicate with your remote team members, how to make SaaS startup work - you will find all of this and more in this podcast series. 


34. The Art of Product

Follow this podcast for a more in-depth view of a founding journey. Two entrepreneurs are launching tech agencies and are reporting on their steps, results, and problems. Put yourself into the tech founder’s shoes and learn the goal-setting tactics, product positioning, and much more. The hosts are Derrick Reimer and Ben Orenstein.


35. Rocket

Rocket is a kind of a weekly geek conversation about tech, games, movies, and hacks. It may be a sound addition to your entertaining routine as a tech addict. The hosts are the US journalist Christina Warren,  video game developer Brianna Wu, and video producer Simone de Rochefort. If you are interested in the latest macOS news and why apps get rejected by the App Store, go ahead and listen.


This is our collection of the best podcasts for startup founders. Validating your idea, hiring a team, raising the capital all seems like an endless set of challenges. However, as the whole world changes, we need innovators like you to drive economic growth.

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