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Top 10 AI Sports Tech Startups You Need to Watch Out in 2022

14 Sep 2022
Sports Tech Startups


Artificial Intelligence in Sports opens up new frontiers of possibilities, changes the game and makes it interactive. This technology has something to offer everyone, from runners to professional sports clubs.

You no longer need to count how many squats have been done or calculate the distance of the run on the maps, all the data is at your fingertips.
Putting the camera on the sports field or at home, you will be passionate about sports, so that you will receive data in the future and constantly improve based on it. Individually calculated plans, professional advice and constant motivation - that's what AI in sports gives us.

Let's take a look at the latest sports tech startups together and get some inspiration for new ideas.


Service for video analytics of sports match events. All you need for this is to upload the footage, after processing you will receive custom reports of any value.

Write a simple request with properties you need to see the edited video with events. For example, how many times Ronaldo made a long pass?

What types of events does it support?

  • player tracking
  • ball tracking
  • match events such as goals, assists, shot on goals, passing patterns and team formations all in real time.

Supports different sports - football, cricket and basketball.

AI Tech Sports Startups 2022



A sports mobile application with Сomputer Vision and Machine Learning technology allows you to improve your basketball skills simply by turning on the camera. The app tracks playing technique, records analytics and evaluates your performance. Based on the data, you get guided feedback.

It's an official partner of the NBA, therefore it was developed with the help of the best basketball players.

What are the features of the application?

  • Feedback and statistics in real time.
  • Interactive workouts
  • Virtual competitions
Artificial Intelligence in Sports



A platform for streaming, analyzing and recording sports games.

The service offers the purchase of a portable camera VEO Cam 2, which works with an internal 4G modem and the smallest AI supercomputer from NVIDIA. The camera is able to survive in any conditions - day or night, cold or heat, sun or rain. The camera is controlled through a special mobile application, which allows you to immediately process video or stream on social networks.

They also provide professional analytics - visualization, 2D map with player positions, heatmaps, AI-statistics and general match statistics.

Top Tech Sport Startups



How often do we give up running simply due to lack of motivation?

This startup allows people to find their sports partner to get acquaintances and be constantly motivated to play sports.

The app uses algorithms that show you the best matches for you. Looks like a Tinder, just swipe the people you would like to jogg with.

Sports AI Applications

This service uses Machine Learning to predict the results of football matches. Based on past team data, application models the likely outcomes of future matches.

They use Bayesian inference, which takes into account different outcomes of situations, up to the participation of the team in the final tournaments in the past.

Sports Predictions AI



A sports mobile application works in tandem with Apple Watch, showing a replay of your strike immediately after the event. It advises on how best to hone your skills, collects analytics with your shot heatmaps and allows you to process footage.

It is enough to enter "show me colin's backhands" - and the application will immediately mount all of your shots.  



A system allows you to track the results of an athlete at the highest level. It is easily connected to various types of devices - from a phone to a watch, and the service also offers the implementation of additional wearable devices. The system reliably predicts injury risk based on the largest set of injury data and sends real-time warnings when it's time to end your workout because there is a risk of overloading the body.

Startups Applications Sports



A service that is completely focused on sports recruiting. Allows using the player's custom parameters to find the most suitable for the team, in case of unforeseen situations. It uses data from 230,000 players from 3,700 clubs around the world.

The main metrics are potential, player style and performance. The service also offers opponent analysis and career advice based on other players.

Sports Startups Soccer



This startup was created by a team of medical and big data specialists. One of the standout features is that it has created algorithms that detect overtraining and suggest a training plan for optimization.

Sport Injury Predictions



Sports tech startup uses all the possibilities of Computer Vision technology. It captures, measures and analyzes even the most complex movements of human joints. You can review your movements in a 3D model that visualizes your actions in 360 degrees, evaluating the angle and height. In the application, you can create groups where you add your coach and he gets access to your classes, evaluates how well and correctly you perform the exercises.


Artificial Intelligence in Sports


You will no longer surprise anyone with the ordinary applications with exercise plans and calorie counting. Users now want interactivity, individuality, and fast returns.

We can see how the use of technology is becoming a daily routine in today's sports. But we have not yet reached the top, so there are many sports that have not yet been touched by the hand of Artificial Intelligence.

For example, we have a sports case of Kendo - a martial art involving sword play. The main goal of this application is to provide players with a resource for practicing kendo at home. In developing it, we realized each sport has individual needs.

For a specific sport, it is important to consider training methods, plans and sports equipment. We have over 3 years of experience in the development of Sports Applications with AI-driven technologies. Using the latest innovations in Computer Vision and Machine Learning, you can achieve incredible engagement with your users.

Contact us to start implementing the latest technologies in your sport, because you could be exactly that pioneer.

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