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Top 10 Software Companies in Miami, Florida

02 Jul 2020

Finding a software partner whom you can trust may be one of the biggest challenges. The choice will directly influence your product quality, price, and time to market. Therefore, to help you compare different options, we composed a list of top software companies in Miami, Florida. View the list based on, TheManifest, GoodFirms data, and industry research.

Key aspects taken into account are:

  • areas of tech expertise 
  • years of experience
  • industries served
  • customer rates & reviews
  • awards & industry recognition
  • flexibility in working models.

Therefore, if you are planning to build a new tech partnership, keep reading. 

Top software companies in Miami

0. ByteAnt

Founded in 2006, ByteAnt is an outcome-driven software company serving companies across 7+ industries. Thanks to its personalized approach and 14+ years of experience, a company has turned into a reliable technology partner for customers from the USA and Western Europe. You can expect the full dedication to the partnership and direct communication with ByteAnt top managers.

You can get end-to-end software development, quality assurance, as well as re-engineering and post-release support. Counting an average engineer experience of 5+ years, we pride ourselves in developing stable and bug-free solutions that make our customers grow.

1. Mercury Development

Among top software development companies based in Miami, Mercury Development is worth mentioning. It provides business analysis, consulting, software development, and QA services adjusted to every customer’s needs. Yet, its core service offering is mobile app development. Some of the clients of Mercury Development are HSBC, Thompson Reuters, and Barco.

  • Average rate: $50 - 99/hour;
  • Established in 1999
  • Staff count: 214
  • Award - top Android app development company.

2. Zakkour Technology Group

Building detailed development strategies for startups, this agency is ranked by Google reviews as the top mobile app development company in Miami.  The main focus is on iOS & Android app development, although the agency has diverse technology expertise. Besides the creation of web & mobile solutions, the company also offers augmented and virtual reality services. Listed among the top software companies in Miami, this technology vendor has created software in transportation, gaming, and even church & spirituality industries.

  • Average rate: $50 - 99/hour;
  • Established in 2008
  • Staff count: 10 - 49.

3. OrNsoft corporation

OrNsoft - listed among the top software companies in Miami
OrNsoft - listed among the top software companies in Miami

Leading-industry clients: NASA, BlackBerry, United Nations.

Ornsoft corporation also deserves to be listed among top custom software development companies in Miami. Primary, this company delivers the development of custom software, mobile, and web solutions tailored to your requirements. Additionally, it provides cloud and software integration services to keep customers competitive and up-to-date. The company claims that the key to their professionalism is hiring only the best specialists. Whatever stays behind this agency, customers report profound business understanding and the growth in sales after the software updates.

  • Rates: $100 - 149/hour
  • Founded in 2009
  • Staff count: 50 - 249

4. SDSol Technologies

Key clients: MyPark, which has got $2 million of funding for the product built; Cartier, Sync Footwear.

This agency provides highly ranked Android and iOS development services to businesses across numerous industries. The agency distinguishes itself from the others by focusing on precise business goals and customer growth. Besides mobile development, the agency offers IoT, hardware, and software development, coupled with client-oriented project management methods.

5. Ardan Labs

Ardan Labs offers development and IT staffing services to middle-size and large companies. Besides traditional technology & business services, the company has launched its professional training for rising engineering talents. Being trusted by Fortune 500 companies, Ardan Labs holds its strong position in our list of top software companies in Miami. The tech stack includes the Go programming language, AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud integration. Recognized for building strong partnerships, the agency takes an active part in global tech conferences and has its own Youtube channel dedicated to technology.

  • Key partnerships: Oracle, Cisco, Intel, Visa.
  • Rates: $100-149/hour
  • Established in 2010
  • Staff count: 11-50

6. CoBuild Lab Inc

Counting 36 employees in total, CoBuild Lab provides numerous services like blockchain solutions development, workflow automation, and serverless development. Taking a proactive approach to every customer, CoBuild is eager to transform innovative ideas into feature-rich mobile & web solutions. Among its case studies, there is a web portal for education, a job search portal, and a social network for the cannabis industry. The key focus is on cooperation with entrepreneurs that are at the early stage of product launching.

  • Staff count: 36
  • Rates: $50-99/hour
  • Founding year: 2017

7. Solo Media Group

Solo Media Group - rated among the top software development companies
Solo Media Group - rated among the top software development companies

The agency claims to save 30% of development costs and bring a 70% rise in business efficiency to customers. Among the core technology stack, the agency is proficient with React.js, AWS Infrastructure, Node.js, and React Native development. Solo Media team members specialize in custom e-commerce & web development, healthcare app development, and business analysis. 

  • Rates: $50-99/hour
  • Staff count: 2 - 9
  • Founded in 2017

8. 8base Labs

This Florida-based company is proficient with SaaS, backend-as-a-service, and serverless applications. It offers full-stack software development and UI & UX design according to the specific requirements of a customer. The core mission statement is to simplify and speed up the development work by using GraphQL, JavaScript, and AWS.

  • Rates: $50-$99/hour
  • Staff count: 10-50
  • Founded in 2017

9. Vates

Vates - one of the top software companies in Miami
Vates - one of the top software companies in Miami

Vates positions itself as the IT services partner for big organizations and governments. It offers full-cycle Agile development services, R&D, as well as system integrations tailored to each company's needs. Right now, Vates is a reliable IT  vendor with a rich industry background. Big Data analysis, IoT development, and real-time analytics make part of their expertise.

  • Famous clients: Accenture, IBM, Banco de Credito, Fortune 500 companies.
  • Rates: $25-49/hour
  • Staff count: 250-500
  • Established in 1991.

10. Coral Edge

Last but not least, we included Coral Edge in our list of top software companies in Miami, Florida. This IT services vendor offers strategy consulting, mobile, and cloud development services to various-size businesses. Among the other services, we should mention enterprise system maintenance, ERP and e-commerce development, and optimization of existing business structures. The company has established itself as a thought leader in the Florida area.

  • Rates: may vary
  • Staff count: 11-50;
  • Founded in 2007.


The first step to finding the right software development partner is defining the services you need. As you can see, there is no one-fit-all in such a complex and diversified niche. Therefore, set your budget, service you are looking for, and preferred company size. For example, if you are a small business, it might be worth contacting a similar-size tech partner to get enough dose of attention & personalized service.

If you need any help with your software development project, contact us and get the answers to your questions within 24 hours.

Here is your full list of top software development companies in Florida. Feel free to check it whenever you feel like it.

Whether you are creating a cloud-based or a hybrid solution, we have the technical expertise you need.
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