The healthcare industry needs to advance more than ever. From lifestyle mobile app to a drug management system, we offer custom healthcare app development services tailored to your needs. Offer personalized & patient-centered medicine or resolve critical medical issues with a well-built digital product.

What we offer

Explore our key offerings & types of healthcare app development services.

Internet of Medical Things

React instantly to changing health metrics and offer personalized care through
connected mobile applications & wearables. We offer custom healthcare app
development for chronic disease sufferers, elderly people or anyone in need of
constant monitoring. Provide intelligent rehabilitation practices or send
alerts once it is needed. Connected solutions for healthcare become more
than a trend. Wearables and apps can track & send health metrics remotely
on a constant basis and can actually save lives.

Telehealth & remote patient сare apps

Telehealth apps are gaining fast in popularity. Connect doctors with patients
through a fast telemedicine solution. Offer timely remote care and connect
hospitals with patients in hard-to-access places or in unpredicted circumstances. Cut time and costs on physical doctor visits and long hospital stays. Offer convenient care service to elderly or sick people.

Wellness and fitness apps

Help your users to stay fit and healthy with your mobile fitness & wellbeing app. Create user-centered plans to reduce stress, make them lose or gain weight, eat healthily or follow their fitness & yoga routine. Generate personal exercise plans based on the collected insights. Launch a successful self-care app & gain a good market share.

EHR/ EMR development

Keep all your patients’ data in one place and give them access to their personal records. Track & store all the diagnosis and treatment data securely and cut the errors in personal patient records. We take care of integrating custom healthcare solutions into your existing infrastructure and provide further support & maintenance needed.

Healthcare SaaS

Reduce your IT expenses and increase accessibility with Software-as-a-Service. Store, process and analyze your critical healthcare data on the cloud. We build various types of software on-demand, including PACS, RCM or supply chain systems. Custom healthcare app development using cloud computing can offer new value & flexibility to your business.

For Startups

Now you can deliver your product to market in less than 30 days. Specifically for you, we have built a custom startup platform that has all the necessary & must-have features that users should expect from you. Such as, it has all the user/group management features and configurations, authorization options (social/email signups) and more. Using this boilerplate solution, you can add your own business logic on the top of it and finally implement your idea. No need to build your MVP from scratch - we’ve done it for you to save your time & effort. As a result, you gain the competitive advantage right from the start! View what exactly we included.

Custom healthcare software development

Manage doctor’s appointments, records of all your patients effectively and keep all the medical data in one place through custom CRMs or patient portals. We build custom web apps to simplify your workflows, reduce manual work and drive efficiency. We help you figure out what’s the best way to answer your healthcare needs and turn it into a complete software solution.

Custom healthcare solutions tailored to your needs


Create mobile apps that drive change in users’ behavior and lifestyles. Improve their healthcare routines through solutions with modern look’n’feel, intuitive UIs and simple logic.


Track, record, and send valuable health data about each patient to generate personal statistics and streamline care service. Whether for customer-centered apps or enterprise systems, data is among the most valuable medical assets.


Prevent distracting or confusing your users. We create apps with seamless user interfaces that complement their journey and grow engagement.


Automate workflows, simplify patient monitoring and data management with custom healthcare software solutions. Get noticeable business outcomes with a simple-to-use solution.


Simplify drug ordering & buying for clients. Pharmacies and labs can simplify inventory tracking & billing with the right software solution. Discover how healthcare app development can help your business advance and cut costs.


Reduce mortality risk & prevent accidents with efficient health tracking apps. Build a solid&reliable solution that becomes an irreplaceable tool for your users.

Why us?

Using the best-fit technologies for your project, we become your true technology partner for as long as you need it. We are devoted to delivering custom healthcare solutions that are both secure and user-friendly
14+ years of expertise

We are a custom healthcare software development agency with rich experience in building both web and mobile applications and enterprise systems. Thus, you can rely on us to build a hospital management system, a connected wearable device or a mobile app to simplify users’ lives. With turning your app idea into reality, we become your true partner on the way to success.

HIPAA compliant

We make sure that all the requirements are met and develop healthcare apps compliant with HIPAA, HHS, HL7 and other security regulations. Thus, you don’t have to worry about data security, user’s trust or government policies. Get healthcare app development services that correspond to all security regulations & industry requirements

Transparent cooperation

Due to our client-oriented approach, you can be sure to get a custom healthcare software solution that meets your initial expectations. Coupled with our tech expertise, this ensures a smooth and transparent workflow all along. We also provide after-release support and maintenance.


We have the experience & will to cooperate with promising health tech startups. Our approach predicts that you get the business/ tech advice, skilled team and a reliable partnership to implement your idea with no risk. We go with you from fast MVP evelopment, engineering, product testing to market launch and beyond. Let’s innovate & transform healthcare together!

What our clients say

View our works

Discover how we’ve helped our clients to realize their bravest ideas. Business challenges we’ve solved helped us to gain deep industry understanding and unveiled the ways how technology can reinforce healthcare

IoT solution for Sport gyms

Sports gym owners together with sports enthusiasts are striving to keep track of their everyday physical activities and achievements. This is where our IoT-based solution has come into play providing customers with a reliable application that helps them manage, store and analyze all the sporting data on the go.

View Details

Custom Web Application for Distinctive Speech Clinic

There are a lot of ways to boost business processes with emerging technologies, prevent issues before they arise and reach business goals faster. ByteAnt team constantly exploring how to do it right and what is the key to desirable business automatization process. This time we had a great opportunity to apply unique tech solutions, and create a custom web application for the US-based Distinctive Speech Clinic.

View Details


Do you have previous experience in developing healthcare software?

Sure, we have been developing healthcare apps for different clients for years. You can check our case studies about healthcare mobile app or custom software for clinic. For more examples of our work, please, check our Portfolio section.

Can ByteAnt build a HIPAA compliant software?

As a healthcare software development agency, ByteAnt strongly cares about security. Our engineers can help you build web, desktop, mobile and other apps that will be fully compliant with industry standards.

How do you manage development teams in healthcare?

At ByteAnt you can go with to main options:

  1. We can assign a Project Manager to your team who will take care of communication, planning, requirements and other.
  2. You can simply extend an existing team and hire developers to manage them on your own.

How much would it cost to hire software engineers in the healthcare industry?

It really depends on a region where you are planning to hire your engineers. If we talk about ByteAnt (Eastern Europe) average hourly rate would go from $25 to $49.

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