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The sports industry is open to the implementation of various technological solutions from fitness clubs management to personal online training and coaching sports apps for sports teams and leagues. We offer custom sports app development services tailored to your needs.

What we offer

At ByteAnt, we’ve been providing mobile & web development services since 2006. Use our rich expertise to get an intuitive platform personalized to your industry & business. We help you build scalable, conversion-optimized application specific to your case.

Wellness and fitness apps

Boost client engagement with fitness trackers, online coaching, diet & nutrition planners, online scheduling modules to book classes. Generate personal exercise plans based on the collected insights. Launch a successful fitness app & gain a good market share.

Sports SaaS

Reduce your IT expenses and increase accessibility with Software-as-a-Service. Store, process and analyze your customer sports data on the cloud. We build various types of software on-demand, including PACS, RCM or supply chain systems. Custom sports app development using cloud computing can offer new value & flexibility to your business.

For Startups

Now you can deliver your product to market in less than 30 days. Specifically for you, we have built a custom startup platform that has all the necessary & must-have features that users should expect from you. Such as, it has all the user/group management features and configurations, authorization options (social/email signups) and more. Using this boilerplate solution, you can add your own business logic on the top of it and finally implement your idea. No need to build your MVP from scratch - we’ve done it for you to save your time & effort. As a result, you gain the competitive advantage right from the start! View what exactly we included.

CV/ML development

Reach new technological capabilities for your business with development custom machine learning models. We create an optimal ML model, evaluating its accuracy to deliver a production-ready solution tailored to your specific needs. Use ML models like "pose estimation" for your special exercise plans. ML technology can replace a real coach and save your time. 

Custom sports software development

Manage coach appointments, records of all your customers effectively and keep all the sports data in one place through custom CRMs or portals. We build custom web apps to simplify your workflows, reduce manual work and drive efficiency. We help you figure out what’s the best way to answer your sports needs and turn it into a complete software solution.



Create mobile apps that drive change in users’ behavior and lifestyles. With us your сustomers will be able to get an incredible experience using modern technologies - machine learning models or chat-bots with special sports advices. Improve their sports routines through solutions with intuitive UIs, simple logic and individual customer approach.


Track, record, and send valuable sports data about each customer to generate personal statistics and streamline service. Whether for customer-centered apps or enterprise systems, data is among the most valuable sports assets.


Create programs with our developing team for ease of use of your coaching content. You can vizualize your sport and diet programs in many different ways - with using CV/ML models, video, online-training, etc. Collecting data can simplify customer trainings with the right software solution. Discover how sports app development can help your business advance.


Automate workflows, simplify patient monitoring and data management with custom sport software solutions. Get noticeable business outcomes with a simple-to-use solution.

Why us

Using best-fit technologies for your project, we become your true technology partner for as long as you need it. We are devoted to delivering custom sports solutions that are both secure and user-friendly.
Years of expertise

We are a custom sport software development agency with rich experience in building both web and mobile applications and enterprise systems. Thus, you can rely on us to build a gym management system, a connected wearable device or a mobile app to simplify users’ lives. With turning your app idea into reality, we become your true partner on the way to success.


We have the experience & will to cooperate with promising health tech startups. Our approach predicts that you get the business/ tech advice, skilled team and a reliable partnership to implement your idea with no risk. We go with you from fast MVP evelopment, engineering, product testing to market launch and beyond. Let’s innovate & transform healthcare together!

Transparent cooperation

Due to our client-oriented approach, you can be sure to get a custom healthcare software solution that meets your initial expectations. Coupled with our tech expertise, this ensures a smooth and transparent workflow all along. We also provide after-release support and maintenance.

Leading technologies

We can make your applications great with leading technologies like CV/ML. Improve your users engagement, make service more productive and individual.

What our clients say

View our expertise in action

IoT solution for Sport gyms

Sports gym owners together with sports enthusiasts are striving to keep track of their everyday physical activities and achievements. This is where our IoT-based solution has come into play providing customers with a reliable application that helps them manage, store and analyze all the sporting data on the go.



Mobile application of Kendo - a martial art involving sword play.
The main goal of this application is to provide players with a resource for practicing kendo at home without sacrificing the benefits of the dojo.
Kendo helps players practice kendo outside the dojo, allow players to create and customize workouts and track a player's practice sessions and progress.


How much does it cost to create a software program?

The average rate for a software developer at ByteAnt is $20 - 45 per hour. Among the other factors, the app complexity, target OS, developer’s seniority and the number of specialists will define your software development cost.

How long does it take to create a software?

Developing a Minimum Viable Product may take from 1 to 2 months on average. Meanwhile, the development and final product release might take between 6 and 12 months. If you need a software upgrade or reengineering, the timeframes will be different as well. In any case, we provide you with precise time estimates before the project begins.

How do you kick off a new project?

During the discovery stage, we analyze your product idea and requirements to check whether the software idea is feasible. Once the time and price estimates are agreed, we run the kick-off meeting where all the team members meet. Together with you, we discuss the technology stack, communication format and frequency, as well as project management methodology.

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