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Custom Web Application for Distinctive Speech Clinic


The main task was to provide the speech-language pathologists and other clinic specialists with an effective and user-friendly custom solution for data alignment. We analyzed the clinic's workflow and processes, defined the basic client's needs, and came up with unique CRM that helps to optimize and automate the tracking of all the process and results.

Was wir gemacht haben

As a daily routine of speech-language pathologists involves a lot of hard work with patients, that's why the process management should be absolutely easy and time efficient.

 A number of decisions during software development allows CRM to:

  • Recording every session progress
  • Keeping track of the treatment process
  • Fast and trusted reporting 
  • Generating invoices 
  • Create a platform for employees to share knowledge and communicate

Die Ergebnisse

The new CRM enables specialists to track the therapist-patient session, record the results, share their data, and way more. CRM users can benefit from the next features:

  • create a database of clinic employees and track the work performance
  • create a database of clinic clients with contact info and necessary details and track treatment progress of each client
  • record each session maintenance, make changes during each session, collecting data about the whole treatment process
  • generating reports according to the results of the treatment course and invoices accordingly
  • create employees groups
  • use employees chat
  • share knowledge via corporate wiki directly in CRM

New CRM enabled to optimize the number of business processes in terms of cost-efficiency and time spending. Thanks to a custom software solution, the company can ensure compliance and secure reporting, and billing process. Also, CRM allows reaching workflow automation, data security, and patient outreach.

Verwendete Technologien

  • AWS
  • SignalR
  • C#
  • MS SQL Server
  • Entity Framework
  • JavaScript / jQuery
  • roadkillwiki

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