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Data security

The client reached us seeking for ByteAnt’s proven expertise in ensuring strong personal data security, improving system interoperability and compatibility with various platforms, and optimizing UI design.

What we did

To safeguard customer data privacy and provide easy password management, our experts succeeded in doing the following enhancements:

  • A specialized plugin was developed to connect via Bluetooth and store all user personal data in KeePass, an open-source password manager.
  • Smooth integration of a one-of-a-kind Internet Explorer extension with KeePass via a dedicated HTTPS protocol as well as with single-page websites.
  • Development of related plugins geared for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsers with similar functionality.
    Platform-specific responsive redesign for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android apps and wizard setup screens.

The Results

The solution implemented for this project has greatly streamlined the entire performance and improved customer data storage and security. All this enables users to feel safe and sound while keeping their passwords and other confidential data away from being dependant on any cloud-based storage or other online services. On top of this, our intuitive user-friendly plugin compatible with the most popular browsers and integrated with KeePass password manager, improves user experience and attracts new audiences.

Technologies used

  • .NET
  • JavaScript
  • C#
  • CSS
  • Bluetooth Classic Pairing
  • HTML
  • Win Forms

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