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SaaS compliance program


A cloud-based management solution for a SaaS start-up firm which provides compliance management tools to the construction industry to help facilitate their environmental compliance activities. The system allows users and their partners access project data, inspections reports, and stormwater management plans 24/7. The inspection tool meets the strict reporting requirements established by the EPA. 


The project consisted of various tasks, including the development of items such as a payment gateway, responsive UI re-design, automated and logic-based reporting as well as new proprietary features. Legacy code was one of the biggest issues.

ByteAnt was responsible for project management and development of new features. 


  • Legacy Code refactoring
  • Migration to ASP.NET Core
  • Payment Gateway integration
  • Proprietary forms and reports
  • Weather Alert feature to integrate with a weather program API to notify the interested parties via email and text message that their respective construction sites may receive a weather event

The dynamic reports allow users include detailed information, photos, and highlight areas requiring attention. Successful compliance keys include standardized, repeatable processes and documentation. The system provides an easy to use process mapping information from inspection report to work order to corrective action report and more. It provides automated notifications with each completed inspection report and regular reminders of open maintenance, corrective actions and completed activities.


Technologies used

  • MS Azure
  • Entity Framework
  • MS SQL Server
  • jQuery
  • Knockout.js

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