What we do

We help you achieve outstanding business results by leveraging the latest innovative technologies
Big Data

We believe data and analytics are the drivers of digital transformation

ByteAnt offers Big Data development services to deliver customizable solutions for a variety of clients ranging from budding startups to large-scale incumbents. Our professional teams of in-house developers and architects are downright ready to dwell on the most essential components of your Big Data project, transform the insights obtained into technical requirements and build a reliable software solution.

  • Business intelligence
    Fast and effective tools to analyze massive enterprise-grade data sets and provide your managerial staff with insightful analytical deliverables.
  • Data warehousing
    Building a robust multi-source repository for your business data alongside consistent data reporting and analytics features.
  • Data integration and migration
    Solid Big Data instruments to streamline all your unstructured data and seamlessly transmit it to dedicated cloud-hosted servers.
  • ETL design and development
    Generation of actionable environments for expedited raw data extraction from various sources, with its concurrent processing, sorting out and secured transmitting to target destinations.
  • Data visualization
    Smart tools to swimmingly represent your textual data in the graphical form of charts, diagrams, infographics, heat maps and other visual elements.
  • System analysis, roadmapping and system architecture
    Provision of a whole set of data-related initiatives aimed at system planning, analysis, implementation and maintenance alongside aligning business goals with respective architectural tech solutions and procedures.

We Deliver Business Opportunities with a Wide Range of Technologies

.NET Framework, .NET Core, ASP.NET Core, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Web API, WPF, MVVM, Entity Framework, NHibernate, ADO. NET, NUnit, MSTest, Unity, Autofac, WCF, Xamarin
Distributed Systems, Microservices, Service-oriented, REST, Domain Driven Design, Event Sourcing, СQRS, Layered and Tiered, Client-server, Component-based, Rule-based
ReactJS, AngularJS, Bootstrap
C#, LINQ, SQL/TSQL, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Objective C, Swift, Java, ES6, ES7, Less, TypeScript, Webpack, Sass
MS SQL Server, MySQL SQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Neo4j
MS Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform
Umbraco, Orchard, DNN, Kentico, Sitefinity
.NET technology stack