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CRM, ERP, IoT, SaaS, Digitalization

Custom SaaS Solution for Metering Companies

Metering, Real estate

Our task was to develop a complex automated solution that would be an actionable alternative to clunky legacy applications widely used across the metering industry at that time. The solution we offered to the Customer was one-of-a-kind and it still remains unique for this business sector in terms of its features and capability.

This complex IT product is an actionable mixture of CRM, ERP, and a client-facing portal solutions linked with the vast capacities of IoT-driven devices utilized for remote smart metering nationwide.

What we did

System features:

  • A unified software ecosystem geared for tackling the full scope of metering processes that combines the functionality of the CRM and ERP systems along with a user-friendly client portal
  • Smart IoT technology solution integrated across multiple utility metering devices for remote data collection
  • Both manual and automated methods for gathering and measuring customer data via mobile apps or IoT devices.
  • Availability to keep track of data collection from any type of property – domestic and commercial households, large-scale enterprises, nationwide networks of shopping malls and other premises
  • Reliable cloud-based data storage and dynamic processing of expenses based on the current tariffs and other predefined parameters
  • Fast yet accurate data sharing and visualization at all levels – from top management to technical support specialist to property owners and renters

Overall UI and architecture enablements:

  • Improved app’s usability based on .NET Core single page applications with Angular
  • User-friendly interface empowered with UX design, including easy-to-navigate dashboards, graphical online editors, and visual reports
  • Automated data entry and management flows
  • Enhanced scalability of distributed software architecture comprising three major portals: management portal, data gathering portal, reporting portal
  • Cloud-based serverless platform with multi-tenant architecture ready for BI and Big Data analytics

The Results

The given software solution enabled the Customer to significantly improve business operational efficiencies in terms of time and effort needed to tackle routine data management tasks. When getting integrated, the data automation tools showcased much greater performance and accuracy when compared to previous human-aided initiatives. The solution allows to integrate CRM/ERP systems with cloud capabilities and sync them with a scalable number of IoT-led devices for flawless data collection, storage, and interoperability.

Technologies used

  • ASP.NET Core
  • SPA
  • Azure
  • Microservices
  • Angular
  • MongoDB
  • Serverless Functions

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