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Hire .NET Development Company

Build robust and reliable web and mobile applications with .NET. This is the one of the frameworks that is best suited for the development of flexible business applications like business directories or marketplaces in the short term and at a reasonable cost. .NET has a lot of benefits to develop an impressive variety of business applications from web applications to games.

.NET development services we offer

At ByteAnt, we’ve years of experience in developing on .NET Framework which has been around 18 years and has been responsible for hosting millions of apps. With .NET we can develop all of types applications and realize your business initiatives

.NET consulting

.NET has a strong and diverse set of tools that allows building enterprise applications of various complexity, type, and with a wide range of features. .NET will cover all your business requirements and implement them in the best possible way.

.NET web app development

Because of .NET is cross-platform it allows building desktop, mobile, web, and other applications using just one programming language. The.NET web app development platform with a large community has been extensively utilized by small, medium, and big businesses as the platform of choice for the development of various marketplace solutions and business listings 

App alteration & re-engineering

Scale & upgrade your software to handle the growing user base or make sure the app meets your current strategic goals. Fix any support & maintenance issues of aging applications. Keep or grow the value of your application with .NET development services by ByteAnt. We re-engineer & adjust the functionality of your software, optimize its architecture without completely rebuilding the existing architecture

Azure for applications

We are using Microsoft Azure which allows businesses to manage and deploy applications quickly and easily. It allows organizations to customize the cloud software to meet business requirements.

Azure trusted by more than 2 million apps and sites, this cloud platform dominate the market for enterprise-level services and servicing for mega-corporations and the biggest global brands. Globally, 90% of Fortune 500 companies are using Microsoft Azure to drive their business. Your migration will be easy, if you already using Microsoft tools.

App migrating to .NET

We migrate your application to .NET which has been around 18 years and has been responsible for hosting millions of apps. That kind of longevity shows that it is stable, reliable, and constantly evolving to keep up with current market demands.

.NET app development

.NET framework offers a variety of frameworks created particularly for building certain application types. For example, ASP.NET is used especially for building web apps with dynamic web pages, while Xamarin is used for mobile development.

Blazor web applications development

Blazor is a feature of ASP.NET, the popular web development framework that extends the .NET developer platform with tools and libraries for building web apps. Blazor offers all the benefits of the rich, modern single-page application platform. It allows to write code for the client and server in the same technology .NET so it ensures better productivity and faster development applications. Realize all of your business requirements in one strong enterprise ecosystem. 

Enterprise app development

.NET recognized as ready framework for enterprise applications created by Microsoft in 2002, so you can be sure your data is protected with the highest standard of security. Your application do all computing in the cloud means you always have access to your files as long as you're connected to the Internet. Microsoft has a large community and constantly introduces the latest technology into its products. Create your software with .NET to be sure about your data security and possibility to realize your ideas with latest technologies

Post-release support & maintenance

Do you need to support or upgrade your .NET app? Hire .NET developers to keep your app technically up-to-date, maintainable and secure. We iterate your product and use a continuous delivery approach to enhance your .Net app both from a technical and end-user perspective. We also fix all the flaws timely so that you don’t have to do it yourself

Team of dedicated professionals

15 years of experience in custom development

With a history spanning over 15 years, we've remained dedicated to helping our clients achieve their ambitious business goals. Our skilled team has successfully implemented numerous complex customizations, meticulously aligned with each client's specific needs.

What can you build with the .NET development company?

Multi-platform web applications
User-friendly app interfaces
CRM systems
Business online portals & enterprise systems
Custom software & apps
Enterprise CMS website

What our clients say

Why hire .NET developers?


.NET requires less coding and enhaced reprocess of code. This structure gets rid of excess codes and associates less writing of codes for the developers. .NET has re-usable code and plenty of re-usable elements. This interprets saving of time and subsequently less price to create applications.

Security and Safety

.NET offers a wide range of user-friendly mechanisms for authentication, authorization, data protection and attack prevention. Moreover, as .NET is developed and maintained by Microsoft company, it releases patches and updates for the framework to prevent widespread attacks

Enterprise ecosystem

.NET is ready framework for your business applications created by Microsoft, which has the highest standard of security and provide best solutions for business for many years. Choose Microsoft ecosystem for all your business sides and be sure you're using the best technologies and get great enterprise community support.

Great for building high-end applications

.NET framework offers a variety of frameworks created particularly for building certain application types. For example, ASP.NET is used especially for building web apps with dynamic web pages, while Xamarin is used for mobile development.

Easy Deployment

.NET makes deployment easy with features like private components, no-impact applications, partially trusted code, side-by-side versioning, and controlled code sharing. The code execution environment is safe, reduces conflicts in software deployment, and decreases the performance-related problems.

Why ByteAnt?

Transparent communication

We have a well-tested and organized setup process to begin the cooperation smoothly. Daily communication with your team let us stay on the same page and prevent costly mistakes or re-engineering later

Long-term partnership

We are proud to become a vendor of Reactjs web development services for companies across the globe. Set up the cooperation within 2 weeks and keep it ongoing for as long as you need it. Long-term cooperation means we are not just a provider of React developers, but a reliable business partner understanding your niche

Experienced .NET engineers

Our .NET developers have proven skills & experience to deliver software products that are both reliable and user-friendly. Make your application run smoothly across multiple OS and perfectly answer your initial requirements. We stay updated on the latest development trends and technology updates to deliver high-performance software & apps

View our expertise in action

Flow management marketplace

We created a convenient online platform to exchange various formulas between teammates and external professionals. Using React.js, MS Azure and .Net Core allowed us to make the solution efficient and deliver the right business-oriented product. You can easily monitor the project progress or track individual tasks within this custom solution


SaaS IoT system for automotive industry

ByteAnt team offered React.js development services to build a feature-rich web platform coupled with intuitive mobile apps. The web-based solution should exchange huge loads of data fast, detect vehicle issues and generate real-time recommendations to the end-user. We chose a robust tech stack to make this possible

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