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Real estate software development services

Almost any issue in real estate can be solved with the right software or app. At ByteAnt, we build custom real estate software solutions to simplify work for realtors, property owners, as well as construction agencies, compliance specialists, developers. Provide new value to tenants & advance the real estate industry with a digital product tailored to your needs.
ByteAnt Experience in Business Domains

Why need a real estate solution?

  • Improve the selling & rental process
  • Manage staff and workloads more efficiently
  • Connect multiple stakeholders with a single platform
  • Simplify decision making for homebuyers
  • Automate routine tasks & optimize processes
  • Monitor all the data in one place

What we offer

Property management solutions

Track all the important metrics to save time & prevent costly mistakes. Gain visibility into all your properties data, such as registered guests, inventory status, employee performance and utilities. We develop custom real estate software solutions that help you manage all the work processes & solve upcoming issues easily. Connect with your building, its residents and stay updated on anything with a tailored software product.

Solutions for coworking & office spaces

Connect growing companies with workspaces and let them scale together. We help you to build real estate software that includes all the functionality to adjust meeting rooms, common workspaces, and spaces to individual agency’s needs. Thanks to this software, agencies don’t have to worry about office operations, maintenance, and utilities. We design and create software solutions to get off the headache of operational issues and let you focus on your work.

Building automation & IoT

Both domestic and commercial households are way too sensitive to ever-changing climate changes and skyrocketing energy rates. Our reliable AI-driven real estate software solutions coupled with the Internet-connected house control systems save both the time & costs to homeowners. Facility managers can unify all building assets into a single ecosystem while getting an enhanced level of comfort in the home assets management.

3D visualization software

Digitize spaces where you work or live. We help you build 3D visualization applications with custom 3D models, a detailed floor plan, 360 walkthroughs and more. Powered with AR & VR, real estate software solutions delight users & provide you with valuable insights about your properties. Solutions for urban planning, interior design, and architectural rendering become a powerful sales tool for realtors and a great planning tool for developers. Prevent costly mistakes in construction & real estate with a custom-built 3D real estate software.

House hunting & real estate agent apps

To prevent unnecessary commissions and speed up the whole sales process, we create custom real estate apps for your needs. Easily close the deals, manage properties at multiple locations and provide users with direct access to them. Integrate multiple MLS listings into your app to display all the available properties across regions. We build custom real estate software solutions for iOS, Android, and web platforms. We make browsing through the listings and choosing the best one much more convenient and faster, both for consumers and real estate agents.

Broker CRM & Marketing

Real estate agents & brokers need to manage huge loads of data and deal with ineffective communication daily. Let them keep their deals, meetings, and reports on a single platform. Custom CRMs let real estate agents organize their processes and promote properties for sale more efficiently.

Improve the realtors’ performance with our solid CRM integration solutions that open a gateway to multiple business opportunities like safe customer data storage, as well as smooth interaction with prospective customers.

Property marketplace development

Marketplaces have proven to be effective across the industries. Real estate is no exception. Let users easily find, filter & manage all the properties for sale or rent. Connect potential householders with multiple landlords and simplify their communication. We develop platforms with advanced filtering & appointment scheduling options. Integrate payment gateways into your app or enhance properties marketing with a widely-adopted app

Compliance software

Constructing a new property or building requires its compliance with a lot of security and organizational standards. Custom software will help you track whether you meet all of them, let you sign the documents with authorities and keep them all in a single online platform. Get the auto-generated reports on your compliance level and get started with your project as soon as possible.

Coliving and home-sharing portals

Online portals for finding a host or a co-living apartment are changing the way we look for homes. They have become an affordable alternative to traditional house rentals for students & digital nomads. With the help of custom-designed real estate software, you can offer users this flexibility and convenience. Showcase the furnished spaces, amenities, filter by prices and places, offer a possibility to contact the owner in real-time. With our real estate software development services, you can provide a seamless user experience via iOS, Android and web.

Commercial real estate software

Maximize the ROI potential of your investment. We offer commercial real estate software development to accord your planning with daily tasks and help you manage your deals cycle. Keep your prospecting, lease accounting, and demand forecasting in one place to make smarter buying decisions and organize processes.


Develop a custom SaaS solution and integrate it into your real estate software. This way, you can offer instant access to the cloud-based data such as rental, inventory and construction statistics. Meanwhile, you are making the minimal investment. We build and integrate SaaS software with your CRM, databases and payment gateways as needed. Get a product specifically tailored to your business instead of the one-fit-all solution.

Your type of software

Explain your idea and the purpose behind it. Using our tech expertise and background in real estate software development, we will advise you on how to best implement it and develop a scalable software solution tailored to your requirements. Advance real estate industry with reliable & secure software.

How we work

IT consulting & requirements

We carefully analyze your requirements and advise you on the tech aspects before starting the development. Making sure we are on the same page helps to avoid any misunderstanding and deliver results that perfectly meet your expectations. Whenever not sure what programming languages to use, you can rely on our expertise to get your product built fast & effectively.

Development from scratch

From a rough app idea to a final release and post-release support, we provide a full cycle of real estate development services. Build an MVP to test your idea, add an intuitive UI/UX design and develop a digital product worth the user’s attention. Prevent spending considerable amounts of time & cost on building the wrong market-fit product or implementing it the wrong way.


Improve the functionality of the existing software or completely rebuild it to fix any product issues. We help you to integrate a new service into your real estate software, move to another OS platform, or build another layer on the top of it. Backed by our re-engineering experience, we step in your software development journey once it is needed.

Post-release support & maintenance

Web, mobile, desktop, and cross-platform solutions require continuous testing and support for security and efficient functioning. That’s why, after the release of your real estate software product, we are not done. Making your software as easy-to-maintain as possible, we provide any further support needed. Fixing any performance defects or software bugs fast, we ensure its security and prevent any risk of downtime.

We also provide updates to optimize your software functioning.

Our work in action

CRM solution for Real Estate agencies

We always stay up to par with the level of expertise required to fully satisfy our customers’ business goals. On gaining some invaluable insights from seasoned real estate professionals, we realized a lack of actionable CRM solutions geared for accomplishing specific needs of the industry


Real Estate Marketplace Condo Black Book

Condo Black Book, a leading real estate services provider on the Miami and South Florida condo market reached out to ByteAnt to help reshape their existing website’s overall appearance and functionality with actionable UI/UX design and robust software solutions.


What our clients say


Do you have previous experience in developing real estate software?

Sure, we have been developing real estate solutions for different clients for years. You can check our case studies for real estate marketplace or CRM for real estate agency. For more examples of our work, please, check our Portfolio section.

How long does a typical real estate app take to develop?

It takes 2-3 months to build a basic site that integrates multiple listing service data and shows agents’ listings in their area. The larger and more complex the project is, the longer it will take.

How much would it cost to hire developers to build my real estate app?

It really depends on a region where you are planning to hire your software engineers. If we talk about ByteAnt (Eastern Europe) average hourly rate would go from $25 to $49.

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