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Umbraco CMS Development Company

We use a Content Management System named Umbraco to build customized software products. Get your website up and running with a pre-built starter kit and advanced content management features.

Umbraco web development services by ByteAnt

A Team of Expert Umbraco Developers
15+ Years of industry background
Experience with Umbraco 7 to 13 and .NET Core

Who Will Benefit Umbraco?

Unlike Wordpress CMS that is a great fit for small businesses, Umbraco offers great flexibility to enterprises with more complex needs. If you need a stable and secure website while managing many types of content easily, the Umbraco website development is a good fit. It allows you to easily integrate your company software with this CMS and add the missing functionality to your in-house code.

Why Umbraco?


Umbraco CMS allows you to expand the existing functionality easily and integrate existing code with CMS seamlessly. You can also install third-party plug-ins (packages) from Umbraco marketplace and migrate to the cloud when needed.

.NET Core benefits

Since Umbraco is based on .NET Core, it provides the advantages of Microsoft's driven .NET ecosystem. These include robust enterprise and community support, high performance, a cloud-based nature, and cross-platform support (Linux).


Umbraco HQ takes care of its’ security by fixing security issues regularly as they arise. Umbraco also supports custom admin roles and granular content management authorization control.

Full control

Umbraco provides full ownership over data and custom code to the end-users, with no platform lock-in on external APIs. If you’re new to technology, we advise and guide you through the entire Umbraco web development & maintenance.

Headless CMS

Umbraco 12 introduces the Content Delivery API, providing headless capabilities out-of-the-box. The API allows consistent content delivery across various platforms, making it ideal for omnichannel strategies (including mobile apps).

Multi-language support

Umbraco makes it easier to present your website in multiple languages, with no or minimal additional coding. Thus, it’s a useful feature if you want to reach a global audience eventually.

Our Services

Umbraco Starter kits

We specialize in crafting user-friendly starter kits tailored for diverse industries, including digital agencies. These kits streamline the website creation process, significantly reducing time and saving budget resources.

3rd party service & custom system integration

Build a hybrid web application easily with Umbraco website development. That’s right, we help you to integrate any third-party plugins or your custom software into Umbraco to get a newly-build website. This way, you can get a software product that best fits your business vertical and case, no matter the level of complexity. Turn your simple web platform into a multi-user system that is easy to manage. ERP, HRM, and internal enterprise solutions might be added as needed.

Umbraco version upgrade

Leverage new Umbraco features and .NET Core benefits by upgrading your Umbraco-driven website. Our seasoned team of Umbraco experts knows the major differences in versions 7 to 13 and how to upgrade your website, packages used, and custom code. As End-of-Life of older Umbraco versions approaches, it becomes paramount to use the latest technology.

Marketplace & Umbraco CMS development

Unite multiple vendors via a single marketplace website with a separate account for every party based on Umbraco. Looking to create a directory or classified ads or listing website? We offer an Umbraco-based marketplace template and our custom development services to build a marketplace adjusted to your industry vertical. Whether it’s education, a service industry, real estate, or the events and travel industry, ByteAnt team has an extensive background to help.

Umbraco web development & custom features

Do you need to implement features specific to your industry or business? We are ready to help, making your website compatible across different web browsers and OS. Integrate search option, references system, or photo gallery into your portal with Umbraco web development by ByteAnt.

CMS maintenance and support

Keeping your web system secure and user-friendly requires more than a build-and-forget approach. Thus, our team of Azure-certified experts supports you through your journey, from website launch to after-release support.

Team of dedicated professionals

15 years of experience in custom development

For more than 15 years, our unwavering commitment to excellence has empowered our clients to achieve their ambitious business goals. Through skillful execution, our team has implemented numerous intricate customizations, meticulously aligned with the specific needs of each client.

What our clients say

Our Expertise in Action

Development of multi-vendor marketplace

We remade a hard-to-use online platform and created a single marketplace with complete functionality and user-friendly nature. Using Umbraco development services, we added missing elements of the marketplace such as events and user accounts. Searching for vendor data in a huge Swiss market has become much easier thanks to a marketplace connecting multiple software vendors.


Condo Black Book

At the moment the client turned to ByteAnt, the real estate online portal had several great disadvantages. The admin module wasn’t adapted to content management and the whole website was difficult to manage. Thanks to Umbraco web development, we expanded the functionality of a website and easily integrated custom data & statistics into existing .Net code.

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