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Azure‌ Web‌ ‌Development‌ ‌Services‌

Build your web and marketplace software within the optimal time frames using Azure web development services by ByteAnt. Get a development partner entirely invested in your product.

What is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is a suite of cloud services allowing developers to create, host, and manage software products. No need to buy expensive infrastructure and hardware. By hosting your product on Azure, you free up your resources for the core product needs. Launch your product fast and save costs with a proven Azure development company.

Core Azure Benefits

Cost efficiency

Since Azure stores your data in the cloud, it eliminates considerable costs required for storage equipment and infrastructure. It is known as the most cost-effective platform for Windows Server workloads. Moreover, the Azure subscription-based model lets you better control your budget for a long time.

Fast start

Microsoft cloud service provides you a set of ready-made templates and solutions speeding up your development. By simply compiling these tools and adding some custom code, you can get the product launched. Moreover, if your software product uses .Net technology, Azure will be a logical progression, as it supports .Net framework natively.

Adaptive & scalable

As your business requirements change, you can enlarge the storage space or computing power accordingly. This makes Azure a sound choice for long-term projects and applications with growing traffic loads. If the user base of your tech startup grows from zero to thousands, you can handle such growth dynamics with no need to build additional servers. Azure will adjust to low or high demand automatically.

Excellent security

Microsoft Azure is well known for its security and data protection. Therefore, it is the first choice for data-sensitive industries such as healthcare or the legal sector. It has multiple compliance certifications, a well-planned disaster recovery pattern, and multi-factor authentication. Thus, you can get protection from all potential breakages, whether external or internal.

What We Do

Azure Consulting

Any successful cloud-based software has a solid underlying strategy. Therefore, we help you to leverage whether Microsoft service is the right fit for your project. Understand the business impact of Azure services and back up your workflow with thorough technical guidance. This way, you can migrate your software to the cloud securely and with no risks. Finding the best-matching technology stack allows us to deliver the desired solution fast and at the optimal price. It is also vital to avoid further compatibility and compliance issues.

Web and marketplace app development with Azure

We will help you to develop a secure web or marketplace solution responding to international quality standards. Develop an enterprise-grade application fast and scale it seamlessly thanks to Azure web development services.

Azure mobile applications

You can create a mobile application quickly using a full cycle of Azure mobile development services. In particular, use the back end as a service, SDK, and DevOps tools by Azure to simplify the app creation. This way, you can create, test, and release the app fast on iOS and Android platforms. We stay in constant contact with you so you can control the quality of work delivered.

Optimization & migration to Azure

Migrate your existing product from on-premise servers to the cloud, either Azure or AWS environment. We have extensive experience in delivering this type of service for maximum optimization and scalability. Use our Azure web application development, autoscaling and other tools to optimize the software and automate its management.

Fast applications creation

Cloud service is a proven accelerator for your product release. Using ready-made integrations by Azure, you can launch your MVP fast and get the user’s feedback. Based on this, you can then modify some features or rebuild the whole product with Azure web development services by ByteAnt. Focus on your application usability and features while entrusting automatic scaling to Azure.

Team of dedicated professionals

15 years of experience in custom development

For over 15 years, we've been dedicated to assisting our clients in realizing their ambitious business goals. Our proficient team has executed numerous intricate customizations, precisely tailored to meet each client's unique needs, ensuring excellence in every endeavor.

What our clients say

Our Portfolio

Automotive and SaaS platform

The client needed to optimize its existing automotive platform. We migrated it to Azure cloud environment for increased efficiency. To handle the growing amounts of workload, we remade the app architecture into serverless. Thanks to this, millions of tasks happen in parallel. A system processes thousands of requests in minutes instead of days.


Multi-vendor marketplace

A Swiss client required to develop an online marketplace. Using Umbraco CMS and cloud services, we found the simplest way to deliver the intended software product. A platform included a user-friendly interface and the complete functionality with an elastic search option. Within a reasonable budget and time frames, the customer got a well-functioning marketplace.


Why Choose ByteAnt as an Azure Development Partner?

Vision-sharing partner

We understand how important every detail of your product is. That’s why we apply both a strategic and technical approach, providing you a reliable software partnership. You get a full understanding of your product mission and precise estimates of the deliverables. ByteAnt team finds the best-matching technology stack to implement your best platform.

Microsoft Certified Developers

ByteAnt team gathers Microsoft certified specialists with a perfect combination of soft and hard skills. We have rich expertise with SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS services by Azure, mastering advanced development & testing techniques. Use our full investment into your product development to get the best possible implementation fast. Thanks to our 14+years of expertise, you can have no doubts about the final software quality.

Constant communication & control

You may eventually feel as if the developers would be your in-house extension. We set regular meetings and reports to keep all the workflows as transparent as possible. Whenever you have some feature change in mind or need to fix some issues, you can contact your team directly and get a fast response. We have the tried-and-proven techniques of collaborating in different time zones.

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