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We are experts in developing service marketplaces and business listing solutions, dedicated to establishing connections between clients and service providers.


ByteAnt Experience in Services Marketplaces
Home services marketplaces
Beauty and wellness directories
Consulting platforms
Maintanence, device and auto repair listings

Why need a service marketplace?

  • In the wake of recent years' lockdowns, there is an increased inclination among customers to invest in online services.
  • You don't require a warehouse to store your products or enter into agreements with shipping providers.
  • They simplify the process for customers to discover service providers and compare their services, prices, and reviews.
  • They enable service providers to discover more customers and easily handle their bookings and billing processes.
  • They foster trust between both parties through mechanisms such as reviews, user verification, contracts, and tracking work hours.

Complete solution for service marketplaces

ByteAnt Marketplace Solution (aka EasyByteMarket) offers ready-to-use modules for service providers and customers like:

Powerful search of services
The ability to list and order services
Custom booking of service
Services reviews with ratings
Service providers geolocation
Custom monetization

More reasons to try our services marketplace solution

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15 years of experience in custom development

For more than 15 years, we've been helping our clients achieve their ambitious business goals with unwavering dedication and a commitment to excellence. Our skillful team made numerous complex customizations following the exact client's needs.

Different ways of monetization

We possess significant expertise in implementing various monetization options within marketplaces. We can seamlessly integrate the following options:

  • Charging a commission on service sales or bookings
  • Offering a paid subscription for access to additional platform features
  • Implementing a fee for featured listings on the platform
  • Charging a fee for different advertisement options

Furthermore, each solution includes the integration of a reliable payment gateway like Stripe. If you have specific or unique monetization ideas, we are eager to collaborate with you to turn those concepts into reality.

What our clients say

More options we can offer

Home Repair and Renovation Marketplaces

We create online platforms dedicated to home repair and renovation professionals that serve as avenues for homeowners to discover and engage skilled professionals for a range of home improvement projects. These platforms incorporate secure payment systems, facilitating seamless transactions between homeowners and professionals.

Additionally, they include convenient features such as scheduling tools and project management capabilities, enhancing the overall efficiency of the process for both parties involved.

Beauty and wellness directories

These platforms typically offer a variety of services, including but not limited to spa treatments, hair care, skincare, fitness classes, nutrition services, and other wellness-related offerings. Users can browse through the available services, compare options, read reviews, and schedule appointments or purchases directly through the platform.

Beauty and wellness marketplaces aim to provide a convenient and centralized space for individuals seeking various services to connect with professionals in the beauty and wellness industry.

Local auto repair listings

These listings cater to individuals seeking automotive services within their local community or region. The details included in local auto repair listings typically encompass the names, addresses, phone numbers, and services offered by nearby auto repair shops or mechanics.

Platforms to connect consultants and clients

Allow consultants to improve the presentation of their services with clear descriptions, appealing visuals, and videos which will attract more clients. Feature the best listings at the top and include contact details for easy communication between consultants and clients.

Service providers reviews

Enhance clients experience on your platform by incorporating reviews. Build trust by meticulously moderating and displaying authentic service providers reviews, boosting confidence among your platform users.

Solutions like Yelp

If you aspire to create a platform similar to Yelp or Houzz, you're in luck! We possess extensive expertise in developing and maintaining such solutions.

Why choose EasyByteMarket - Service Marketplace solution

Save costs and time

There's no requirement for substantial investments in crafting custom marketplaces, and you won't have to endure lengthy waiting periods to initiate one.

Highly scalable and customizable

This solution stands out as the most flexible option, allowing for effortless enhancement of functionality.


A designated manager will support you in the setup of the marketplace and the expansion of functionality, tailoring the process to meet your specific requests.

Stable and secure

Well-protected solution with 24/7 stable work

Our work in action

Consulting Marketplace

A well-known Swiss provider of software consulting services addressed ByteAnt to help build a multi-purpose website for catering to their B2B customers.

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Flow Management Marketplace

The workflow management system we created enables professionals to create and share their data assets in the blink of an eye.



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