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Software Development for Startups

We know how hard it is to start your business from scratch, grow it and turn into a successfully established business. Benefit from hiring developers who have helped to develop the successful US and Europe based startups for more than a decade. Let us share our 15+ years’ experience and help you to make your dream come true.

What we offer

MVP Development

It is extremely important to get your product to the market as quickly as possible. So, in many cases, you have to develop your product’s core functionality to get feedback and/or raise investments. ByteAnt understands these needs and streamlines your custom startup development to get your product developed within a limited budget and on time.

Prototypes and Wireframes Development

It is truly hard to overestimate the importance of product design. Making your product look appealing and trustworthy may not be crucial on an MVP stage but it surely will become some when you start to grow actively. We offer you UI/UX services to make your product look and feel great.

Agile and Lean Development Methodologies

It is very important whether you are a person with a tech background or business you understand what is going on with your product. What are the deadlines, how quickly you can implement new features and how much that will cost you? For these reasons, we have adopted Agile development methodologies that help to keep processes transparent and flexible

CTO as a Service

At the early stage, there is a set of strategic decisions that every tech startup should do: technology stack, architecture structure, team members’ expertise, and experience. If you happened to have a tech background or a solid partner who can take a CTO role that will surely solve your issue. But what should you do in case if not? This is the place where ByteAnt comes in help. With years of experience in developing startups, we can carefully investigate your unique situation and provide you with the best advice to handle any strategic issues that are tech-related.

Professional developers

We have a successful track of working with the US and Europe based startups. Our engineers understand your needs and are ready to transform them into a great product.

What our clients say

Our work in action

Automotive IoT and Multitenant SaaS solution

The company is an effective service provider for both car shops and their customers. It combines a robust automated marketing platform coupled with a mobile app, and connected telematics devices. As of that time, they required a complete overhaul of its operational efficiencies, which was only possible via introducing new web and app development solutions


Flow Management Marketplace

We always keep tabs on the most urgent business needs and expectations of our customers to timely address the coming issues with a decent software solution. This time around, we revealed that there was a strong need for robust flow data management software that could help front-office professionals like project managers tackle their routine tasks on the go.

Special Benefits for Startups on Different Stages

Special Benefits for Startups on Different Stages


Early-stage startups may have a tight budget: personal savings are not endless and investors want to see MVP before giving you money. What is even more painful is that local talents are hard to find and they are quite expensive. What we offer you is instant access to a huge pool of engineers with much more reasonable pricing.

Speed to delivery

We understand how important it is to get your product to the market as fast as possible. Competition is high and success may depend on days. We have deployed all modern agile methodologies of development: continuous improvement, scope flexibility, input from client and team, delivering essential quality products. So, you are never in the dark and new features keep coming with every new iteration.

Pre-built Platform for Early Stage Startups

You know how hard it really is to launch a startup. Your product should include numerous features like a mobile app, reporting, payment & billing, authentication, APIs, 3rd party integrations and much more. To get all of that you will have to spend time and money even before you actually start work on your product. Our solution already includes all the must-have features that your customers will expect from your product. The only thing it lacks is your idea that we can custom develop at the top of our framework. Please, note! Currently, the solution is under construction.

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