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We have developed a platform that allows experts to share their experience building reusable solution schemes. Those schemes (formulas) can be shared/sold to other users. Website contains a library of ready to use/buy formulas that can help users to achieve their goals. 

Projects are built using several types of tasks that can be executed in parallel, subsequently or under certain conditions. Thus project is a sequence of steps required to reach certain goal. System allows users to track progress off specific task and entire project. Each and every task passes certain lifetime milestones such as execution phase, review and acceptance.

Platform allows you to register your company, create your own team and complete own or imported projects. Application also acts as a marketplace where vendors can offer their services. So in case you don't have a person with skillset required to complete particular task you can always outsource the task to a third party vendor and get it done. Person who creates a formula can also recommend third party vendors who can complete certain tasks. This helps a lot when looking for a person that can complete a task you don't have experience with.


Platform enables:

  • create and share customer solutions(formulas)
  • buy/import formula and reuse it by creating and completing projects based on it
  • complete the project by following tasks workflow and completing required tasks
  • track progress of each individual task
  • create and manage own team where each member has a specific skillset required to complete certain tasks
  • outsource tasks to a third party vendors
  • register as a vendor to earn money by completing task.

Project features:

Every formula and project in the system has a complicated graph structure where tasks are nodes of the graph and relations between tasks are relations between nodes. Obviously there are multiple types of tasks but also there are multiple types of relations between tasks. Our team decided that it is far from ideal to store such complicated graph structure in relational DB such as MS SQL. So we took a challenge to learn and use neo4j - no SQL DB designed specifically for storing graph data. As a result we've built highly scalable and efficient application that demonstrates great performance manipulating with complicated data structures.

Technologies used

  • .NET Core
  • React.js
  • MS Azure
  • MS SQL
  • neo4j

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