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IoT solution for Sport gyms


A SaaS and IoT project for sport gyms providing them full solution for workout, indoors and outdoors activity tracking. Users can record all their workout activities, view and review data to follow their progress. With this solution, clients are able to see their power and heart rate data on the big screen in the studio, follow recommendations from gym instructors and participate in virtual challenges.

User can book training online through the website or app. All data is synced to the client’s own training diary, where users can get a complete overview of their workouts. It gives people the privilege of working out whatever they are, with the same tools and coaching as in the fitness club.


To create a custom solution for a start-up that would target both corporate and individual users and would track their sport training activities indoor and outdoor from any possible sensors. This would allow gathering and analysis of all the data for an individual in a single system. Would also give ability to sell the product to both sport clubs and individual users.


ByteAnt gathered a team of professionals being able to scale quick as the project grew. Kanban methodology was used and continuous deployment to ensure very fast response time whenever a significant increase of development effort was required. A support team was created and also corresponding logging tools were created to debug and analyse any issues directly on a sport club computer remotely from ByteAnt’s office.

A distributed software system involving

  1. A desktop application was developed using WPF with a slick design, animation and gamification of indoor sport training's.
  2. A web app was developed as a custom solution for sport club owners, instructors, athletes and end users of the system.
  3. Mobile apps for Android and iOS were developed to work with the sensors through Bluetooth.
  4. An API and a data storage was developed to gather the data online from multiple users.
  5. Two types of sensors: power sensors inside bikes to measure power in watts based on speed etc., heart rate sensors to measure human's heart rate (pulse).


The sensors are connected to PC through ANT+. It was decided to integrate ANT+ since it covers and standardizes many sensors. Also in case of sport clubs it used a hardware solution from another vendor that provided ability to use many sensors out of the box by connecting to a single hardware hub through WiFi.

The data from the HR and power sensors is collected by WPF application and is passed through Web API to website's server. All the sessions are stored in database on website's server and each user can watch his own sessions data (HR, power etc.) on the website and the mobile application. Admins can watch sessions data of different users.


Sport sensors generate a significant amount of data, like heart rate, power, GPS coordinates each small period of time (e.g. each second). Gathering such a massive amount of data in a single place and analyzing it is a big data problem.

Solution: Since the start-up required quick turn-around times, the developed software product gathered all the data in a raw binary format. The data was analysed asynchronously by additional background custom processes that generated data for end-users, instructors and admins of the system in form of graphs, maps and data tables.

From a SaaS on premise start-up that included the WPF, hardware (individual sensors) and server with a live visualization of sports activities for gyms, project has turned to a successful complex sports solution for an enterprise. 

Technologies used

  • JavaScript
  • MS SQL Server
  • ASP.NET Web Forms
  • HTML5/CSS3
  • WPF
  • MVVM
  • Youtube API
  • Google Maps
  • Facebook API
  • Objective C
  • WCF
  • iPhone / iPad app
  • Android app
  • ANT+
  • Bluetooth
  • BLE
  • WiFi
  • PSD to HTML
  • heart rate and power hardware sensors integration
  • PayPal integration
  • Entity Framework
  • webcam
  • video streaming
  • TCP/IP server/client
  • threading
  • VLC player integration
  • Windows Media player integration
  • integration
  • Umbraco

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