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Multi-vendor Marketplace

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The challenge was to create an actionable business platform able to perform various functions and provide exhaustive and accessible information through great UI.

  • The number of core functions required was supposed to include the following:
  • Smooth search options for end-users to easily find multi-vendor software products
  • Safe and transparent accounts for software vendors
  • Quick references search of useful data within the largest Swiss market overview of software solutions and providers
  • Timely update and navigation features for blog, events and jobs sections

What we did

Using our broad experience with building service marketplaces, we leveraged a set of advantageous cost-effective software tools and solutions to optimize the way the business website should perform to meet the ever-growing needs of both vendors and customers:

  • Umbraco as a highly flexible, scalable and secure Content Management System was utilized to transfer all the data and collect it within one place
  • Lucene came in handy due to its great search engine capabilities empowered with dynamic filters
  • Customer-centered redesign to retain and engage existing customers while attracting loads of new prospects
  • Introduction of new features like events, a blog, user cabinets and others to enhance customer experience

The Results

We managed to do a great job while improving an overall website appearance and arming it with a powerful search engine. It became possible through introducing the next improvements:

  • Unification of siloed website into a single platform
  • Re-railing the website on the fast and efficient search engine
  • Innovative UI/UX design that combines both a novel look with recognizable corporate colors of various vendors presented on the business website

Using the experience gained from building that product we crafted a unified solution whose main goal is to create any marketplace quickly and easily. We called that solution a Marketplace Builder  

“We always can rely on our close relationship and work together in an efficient way.“
Marcel Siegenthaler, Partner at Topsoft

Technologies used

  • Umbraco
  • MS Azure
  • C#
  • Facebook API
  • Lucene
  • Angular

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