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Condo Black Book always prides itself on providing their customers with only the most accurate and locale-based information on available condos and nearby neighborhoods. The services provided come in handy especially for buyers out of this area as they give invaluable insights on the matter.
However, the website’s design and usability at that moment left much to be desired due to poor information architecture, navigation and functional inconsistency.
Our task was to overhaul the way its website looked and add advantageous features that could drive more traffic and improve user experience.

What we did

In terms of the website’s functionality optimization and redesign enablement, we succeeded in implementing the following features:

  • Integration of a meaningful web solution that is synced to the RETS (Real Estate Transaction Standard) database for getting timely real estate data updates in the region.
  • Great-looking responsive UI/UX design that significantly increases customer engagement and retention rates
  • A powerful tech-enabled property data search engine, enabling users to apply various filters to fine-tune their browsing results.
  • Introduction of the back office to facilitate effective property and customer data management along with built-in email and push notifications as for all the important database changes.
  • Exhaustive information on every single listing paired with relevant up-to-date photos
  • Smooth Google Maps integration.
  • Client-facing options to save one’s individual search preferences with the filters applied to get timely notified if some changes occur within the favorites list.
  • A user-friendly personal cabinet allowing customers to flawlessly interact with their assigned real estate agents.

The Results

We built a marketplace with a powerful online property search tool that empowers lots of people looking for Miami and South Florida condos. This, together with robust UX design helps drive more prospective buyers to the website. A user-centric feature-rich interface enabled customers to gain immediate access to the relevant time-sensitive information on every single condo available for sale or rent in the area.

Built upon this solution, we crafted a marketplace product that is designed to substantially diminish the time required for developing a comparable solution. The Real Estate Marketplace solution we offer empowers you to swiftly establish pertinent online directories without the necessity of engaging a development team.

“They developed my vision of what users want.“
Sep Niakan, CEO at Condo Black Book

Technologies used

  • Entity Framework
  • MS SQL Server
  • JavaScript
  • C#
  • CSS3

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