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Leverage the power of the cloud to build or migrate your software easily. ByteAnt provides cloud application development services so you can streamline your operations and scale up your business

Cloud computing models we work with

PaaS (Platform as a Service)

Cut the time-to-market by building a business application on a third-party platform. We offer cloud-based application development to design, develop and deploy your software solution in a fast and affordable manner. We use Windows Azure, Heroku, AWS and Google PaaS to grow development productivity and deliver a solution to market faster.

IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)

Cut down the costs on IT infrastructure and further maintenance with a 3rd party data center. Manage and analyze enormous sets of data efficiently with the IaaS set of tools. Whenever not sure what type of cloud service you need to get the desired outcome, ByteAnt offers its guidance and support to make the right decision.

SaaS development (Software as a service)

More and more businesses switch to the SaaS model. SaaS applications are fast, accessible across platforms and convenient to use. We have extensive experience in SaaS cloud product development to fulfill your business requirements. Deploy a secure CRM or ERP system or a SaaS marketplace for users.

What we offer

Customized cloud app development

Every business has its own requirements concerning the desired cloud application. Thus, we analyze your requirements, the type of app you want to build and provide precise project estimates. Using an Agile methodology, we divide your project by sprints, make the necessary iterations fast and avoid any further redevelopment. We also use the Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment practices (CI & CD) to automate the deployments and deliver reliable software. ByteAnt is your reliable cloud app development partner from the ideation phase through quality control to post-release support.

Serverless apps development

Serverless architecture eliminates the need to build up the infrastructure or add new servers. Thus, it simplifies and speeds up the development of your application, making it more flexible. ByteAnt is experienced in using AWS Lambda service to build a robust web application according to your needs. A serverless app scales automatically and adjusts to the current workload, being a great fit to handle load & traffic peaks.

Microservices-based software

You get a fast development of an easy-to-maintain product that is centered around your business. Since each service is independent from others, you can reuse it in various contexts and channels as you need. We have the necessary skills and experience in microservice software development to help you build the innovative software solution. Kubernetes and Docker are tools we often use to run and manage containers efficiently.

3rd party cloud integration

Execute your business operations fast and cost-efficiently. ByteAnt helps to integrate robust cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud or AWS to reap the benefit of their reliability and flexibility. We have deep expertise in cloud-based software development and add the preferred service to your business. Share the data easily between multiple cloud applications and build a unified infrastructure for your company.

Cloud migration

Migration is an easy and safe transition of your on-premise legacy software products to cloud-based servers. We use tested and proven migration methods to transmit desktop applications, enterprise workflows or the entire infrastructure to the cloud server. If you need to update, add new functionality or re-engineer your software solution, we provide cloud application development services tailored to your needs. Keep your info securely stored in cloud storage and access it easily.

Management & upgrade of the cloud infrastructure

Avoid any data isolation and let your users access the same cloud infrastructure without any compromises on the data quality. We help to keep your business scalable by offering cloud-based application development adjusted to your needs. Handle the growing volumes of data, and resolve the integration issues with the CI/CD method we use. Ensure automatic backups and service restart if the accident arises. Improve the overall performance of your cloud software with ByteAnt cloud development services.

Cloud security

We ensure that all the data kept in the cloud is encrypted and secure. A proper cloud security strategy should answer the industry standards and allow to achieve business goals. Prevent any threats during cloud app development or migration. We use the all-in-one security approach to cut down any risk on multiple infrastructure levels. Storing any sensitive info in a private cloud, we guarantee the protection against hackers or external breaches. In the case of one or several components failure, your application will continue to operate as needed.

Why ByteAnt?

We are used to implementing complex ideas and cover a full range of cloud product development needs. Whether you need to migrate your desktop enterprise system to the cloud or build a multi-tenant cloud solution, we have the right competencies and skills to help you out. Discover some more benefits below:

  • Experience in public, private and cross-platform cloud app development;
  • Advisory on microservices integration, architecture improvement, and the right cloud strategy;
  • 14+ years in business, 5+ years average experience of developers;
  • After-release maintenance and monitoring;
  • Focus on working with rising startups.

Stories of success

Multitenant SaaS platform

Connecting car shops and multiple vehicle owners can be easy with a tailor-made SaaS platform by ByteAnt. The mobile app instantly informs users about car issues and lets them schedule an appointment directly. We used cloud services and solutions to craft a flexible software product handling loads of data.

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CRM development for real estate

The client required an efficient CRM platform for real estate agents. Thanks to cloud storage, the end-users can securely store their data on a platform and streamline the overall business performance. Managing everyday duties and sharing the realtor data has become much easier with cloud software development services by ByteAnt.

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Our technology expertise

Cloud computing models we work with

Easy-to-scale solutions

If your application has to handle heavy workloads or exchange huge amounts of data simultaneously, cloud app development is the proper strategy. Thanks to a server-based nature, cloud-based software can easily grow or reduce its storage space, data, power capacity and more.


Coding and testing a secure cloud application is our priority. We adopt the latest DevSecOps practices to encrypt and transfer the data safely between the applications. Automatic local data backups and adopting safety measures on early development stages helps to keep your system safe in digital.

Fast market delivery

Using cloud application development services, you can develop an app much faster than building an on-premise solution. This is thanks to the modern architecture of separated components such as microservices and containers. Using this approach, ByteAnt delivers the first MVP and the end product to the market fast.


One can access cloud solutions from any device, such as a web browser, smartphone, Mac laptop, or else. This keeps business operations flexible and makes users easy to reach. This is vital if you want to build a remote collaboration or social networking app.

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