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Our task was to provide managerial staff with an effective yet easy-to-use solution for workflow optimization. We analyzed our customers feedback and some other sources to highlight the main features the solution should have to comply with all the requirements.

Was wir gemacht haben

To make our flow management platform both usable and competitive, a number of development steps were taken allowing the system the following:

  • Easily create and share customer-generated formulas and other assets
  • Be a marketplace for professionals, that is to buy or import various formulas to be further reused in other projects’ flows
  • Smooth project completion with step-by-step fulfillment of required tasks
  • Keeping track of every single task progress
  • Improved management of complex projects due to task delegation, e.g. fast assigning of certain tasks to team members with respective skills
  • Outsourcing tasks to third-party specialists and vendors

Die Ergebnisse

The workflow management system we created enables professionals to create and share their data assets in the blink of an eye. As of now, users find it great to use the next features:

  • Create unique schemes to be easily shared between team members and outside experts
  • Rich access to a website’s library where templates and ready-made formulas can be purchased or simply used free of charge
  • Solid task orchestration for every single project
  • Real-time Task monitoring and sequencing
  • On-the-go task progress tracking
  • A secure and transparent marketplace that lets vendors offer their services

Verwendete Technologien

  • .NET Core
  • React.js
  • MS Azure
  • MS SQL
  • neo4j

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