Internet of Things Development services

Make your product smart and connected. We develop & link devices, web and mobile solutions that are fully adjusted to your needs. Reduce risk by hiring developers with hands-on IoT development experience for startups. We сreate clean and competitive digital solutions to offer a full IoT benefit to the end-users.

What we offer

We provide a full range of IoT development services to get your product built. Choose one or several services you need.

IoT edge computing

Edge devices let you store, process and analyze huge amounts of device-collected data fast. They are a type of power-ups to the cloud servers and a great asset of an IoT product. We apply our deep expertise in IoT software development to develop secure & error-free edge devices seamlessly integrated into your product.

IoT mobile & web development

We build mobile and web-based applications running seamlessly across multiple browsers. Give the native look-n-feel to your application backed by a robust IoT back-end architecture. View the vital data collected from IoT sensors via intuitive app dashboards. Make your product easy-to-use both on iOS and Android.

Back-end & cloud computing

Develop a reliable and stable back-end for your IoT system. We use advanced cloud platforms such as AWS or Microsoft Azure to store all the critical data securely in the back-end. Manage your applications remotely while minimizing the workload and data storage expenses.

Firmware development

We take care of the embedded software development for any type of IoT devices. Seamlessly integrate the sensors, microcontrollers, and gateways into your IoT gadget and make it run seamlessly as predicted. We also use industry-specific protocols to ensure safe data transfer & communication on all the IoT system levels.

Sensor integration

Add the types of sensors you need into your IoT system. Track the heart rate, pulse, or behavioral patterns through connected sensors. Monitor the humidity, water quality, temperature or motion metrics remotely and adjust them as necessary. We help you to display the sensors’ data via a web or mobile app in an easy-to-digest format.

Maintenance & updates

If you’re worried about after-release support, don’t be. We make sure your IoT system responds to the security policies and provide regular product updates post-release. Thanks to preventive maintenance, we create a secure runtime environment for your app or other system elements. Thus, you can be assured of the error-free performance of your IoT product.

Our core focus in IoT software development


Help users to track their fitness data, GPS location or financial habits via a convenient wearable gadget. Connect wearables with third-party services to enable immediate service and encourage smart data-based decisions. We provide IoT software development to implement your IoT gadget idea and make it high-performing.

Health & fitness devices

Tracking the heart rate, blood pressure and real-time health metrics are easier with IoT software development services. Prevent diseases, send instant alerts to doctors via intuitive software & apps. We develop innovative healthcare IoT devices to monitor critical health metrics and enable preventive care for a specific group of users.

Machine learning on the edge

Using machine learning algorithms, we develop smart & connected IoT devices with real-time analytics. Instead of sending all the data to the remote server, analyze it instantly and predict future customers’ behavior. We offer IoT development services to create smart recommendations for users or provide predictive maintenance.

Connected vehicles

Track the speed, distance, find crash locations and send instant alerts to drivers. Let’s build intelligent transport systems that will help to prevent accidents on the road. Detect car issues, and connect with repair shops instantly. We use machine learning & IoT software development to add noticeable value to car owners.

Smart homes

We offer Internet of Things software development to create security & environment monitoring systems for homeowners. Adjust your house temperature and lights remotely, create routines for a week ahead. We connect various IoT devices, cameras and sensors into the unique-working environment for the end-user convenience.

What our clients say

Industries we serve

  • Disease containment
  • Migratory population tracking
  • Assessment of mobility restrictions
  • Predicting disease outbreak spread
Sport & Fitness
  • Fitness routine tracking
  • Athletic performance improvement
  • Player safety assurance
  • Growth in fan engagement
  • Vehicle cyber-security
  • Driver safety tracking
  • Vehicle to network (V2N) communication
  • On-board diagnostic system information
  • Supply chain & inventory tracking
  • Predictive algorithms to anticipate product churn
  • Improving customers behavior
  • Tracking campaign effectiveness
  • Geo-targeted links between suppliers & purchasers
  • Mobile data to track food delivery
  • Harvest alerts
  • Agricultural yield tracking
Financial Services
  • Mobile payments
  • Algorithmic fraud detection
  • Agent network monitoring
  • Enhanced credit scoring

Expertise in action

ByteAnt is an Internet of Things development company with rich engineering experience. View how we helped our clients to develop their IoT products & systems.

Automotive SaaS solution

To connect car owners with mechanics services & stores, we developed a user-friendly web platform with integrated ERP & CRM systems. Paired with a mobile app, the platform enables the real-time diagnosis of car performance, identifies the issues and allows to resolve them hassle-free.

Learn More

SaaS solution for metering companies

As a robust alternative to old-fashioned legacy applications, a unique automated data-gathering tool was created for metering agencies. It collects the data from a growing amount of utility metering IoT devices and displays it via a client-facing online portal enhanced with ERP & CRM functionality.

Learn More

IoT software development for startups

Want to implement your IoT product idea? Lean on our 14+ years experience of working with early-stage to the already-funded startups to make it happen. Get yourself a lift by turning to a reliable IoT development company and your technology partner.
Speed of delivery (Pre-built MVP constructor)

To speed up the IoT software development, we created a custom pre-built constructor for startups. It has all the must-have features included to prevent you from reinventing the wheel and win the competitors. Take your IoT product to market fast with our MVP solution for startups.

IT consulting

To avoid building an IoT product that doesn’t fit the market, we consult you on the right business model and technology set. Studying the competitors and getting users’ feedback let you implement an app with the right feature set and get a ton of adepts. Get advice from a trusted Internet of Things development agency before moving to development.

Prototyping & wireframing

Thanks to UI & UX prototypes, we can check if your product UI will look equally well on small and large screens, adjusting to a specific device. Testing the app logic and improving it on early stages allows for avoiding costly mistakes later. Get custom IoT development & prototyping for your business vertical.

Flexible working models

We use an Agile development model to ensure fast & seamless product iterations. Focus on the strategy & core product challenges while delivering the technical side of things to ByteAnt. When in need to scale up your in-house development team, we augment your staff with one or several IoT software developers.

Our primary technology focus

We choose the right tools to deliver robust software and get the necessary business outcomes
Programming languages & frameworks

JavaScript (Node.js, React, Angular), Kotlin, Swift, Python,.Net Core, React Native, C++

Cloud platforms

Microsoft Azure, AWS IoT, Google Cloud Platform, Heroku, SaaS, BaaS

Protocols & standards




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