Mobile App Development Services

If you’re looking to reach users via a sticky mobile solution, we’ve got you covered. We create native and multi-platform solutions that run on iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Resolve users’ issues and grow your company using mobile application development altered to you.

What we offer

Niche-specific & business mobile apps

Support or advance your business operations. From healthcare & fitness to construction, we’ve helped many businesses to get applications with the right functionality. Our UI & UX designers create convenient user interfaces following Material Design guidelines for maximum usability. Power up your business with a niche-specific application designed to your needs. If you want to integrate the application with internal software systems or databases, we have the right experience to help.

Mobile application development for startups

Get your app up and running fast. To test your idea for feasibility, we pass you through the Proof-of-Concept stage before moving further. Get yourself a competitive advantage and go to market faster with our pre-built MVP constructor for startups. It has all the core features already included such as mobile optimization and user registration. Choosing a technology stack that fits your solution best, we offer business analysis, product management, and mobile app development services from start to finish.

Software modernization & migration

Cut on your maintenance costs, respond to user expectations and enhance the security level of your software by leveraging our custom software development & migrating services. If you need to upgrade, recode or redesign your software product, we apply our expertise to fit your needs. We make sure that the software system suits your actual business requirements. As a result, you can easily handle the growing workload while keeping up with the latest tech trends.

Android app development

Use device-native features to your advantage and reach Android users that are growing globally. Make your app run on Android automotive OS, TV devices, wearables and more. Using C++, Android Studio and other tech tools, we offer Android mobile app design and development for your business. The ByteAnt team optimizes layouts for different screen sizes and tests each app version before release. Thus, the ByteAnt team delivers bug-free and scalable mobile applications to engage and keep your users.

iOS app development

Your application will run smoothly across iPhone and iPad devices, Apple TV and Apple Watch, no matter the iOS version installed. From early app prototyping, development to launch and post-release maintenance, Byteant is your iOS custom mobile app development company on the way to success. Use our 14+years experience including Swift and Objective-C development to build a feature-rich application that brings you profit.

Cross-platform applications

Get your product to market faster with cross-platform mobile application development. Whether you need to present your app on diverse devices, OS or browsers, we have the right expertise and specialists in place. Using our experience with React Native and Xamarin development, we deliver simple to complex mobile solutions across industries. Despite specific device memory constraints, your app will function fast and feel like a native. We test your application on Android and iOS to meet each platform's unique requirements.

Migration & upgrade of mobile applications

Do you need to expand your reach by migrating your mobile app to another OS? At ByteAnt, we can help you add new features or move your application to a new platform. Transporting Android apps to iOS devices, or turning hybrid solutions into native, we provide the right service to get great business outcomes. If you want to slightly upgrade your mobile app or completely rebuild it, we figure out the way to implement it for your business.

Types of applications we focus on

IoT & wearable applications

Helping you to build secure end-to-end software systems, we create user-friendly mobile apps across industries. Easily track the sensors’ data and display personal recommendations via mobile app or wearable devices, such as a smartwatch or fitness tracker.

Fitness & lifestyle

Create a mobile app to personalize work and leisure routines, track fitness activities in real-time and offer value. If you need to integrate data analytics, GPS tracking or the augmented reality feature - the ByteAnt team has the extensive experience to make this possible.

Real estate

Grow your productivity and reduce risk by hiring mobile app developers by ByteAnt. Reach your customers in the right format and place, or simplify cooperation between stakeholders. Get your solution uniquely designed and launched within months.

Telemedicine & healthcare

We build feature-rich mobile applications that enable remote treatment, simplify medical data storage and connect help seekers with healthcare practitioners. Adopt the trend for remote care in your unique way with our mobile app development agency.


Reach your customers globally and increase return sales with e-commerce mobile app development services. We adopt a well-proven app design & development process to reduce your time-to-market and ensure secure data transfer between a mobile app and the back-end.

Entertainment & video streaming

We assist you in building a robust app architecture and handling high loads of data with your app. Whether you have an idea of social networking, chatting or hobbies sharing mobile apps, hire mobile app developers to implement it. We ensure a seamless user experience of your mobile app and its accessibility across the mobile OS.

Expertise in action

View how our clients built their profitable digital products thanks to custom business software development by ByteAnt. Across many industry verticals, we deliver well-crafted digital solutions to your problems.

Connected mobile app for Sport gyms

To track individual fitness routines and generate useful insights, we created a custom mobile application as a part of a complex IoT system. The iOS and Android apps got the data from in-bike and heart rate sensors, turning it into graphs and charts. The solution turned useful for sports club owners and end-users, who adjusted their fitness routines according to personal training results.

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Mobile application development for automotive SaaS and IoT system

Car shop owners need to repair their cars regularly. To simplify this and prevent critical issues, we developed a user-friendly mobile app showing real-time reports & performance problems. Via the app, users can contact a car repair service instantly, schedule a meeting and get advice.

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Why do customers choose ByteAnt mobile app development company?

- 14+ years in business, with 5+ years of average developer experience
- Google Play and Apple Store release support
- Extensive experience in mobile web development, hybrid, and native app development
- Flexible cooperation models: Fixed Price, Team augmentation, Time-n-Material
- Application migration & rescue service
- Daily and weekly communication with English-speaking team members.

How we work

Analysis & setup

At the initial stage, the ByteAnt team analyzes your business case, thus creating functional requirements and acceptance criteria for your software product. We scale up the team, sign the NDA and technical documents before we begin.

Mobile app design

Wireframes and high-fidelity UI prototypes are an integral part of our mobile app development process. To offer a satisfying user experience, we test the product with users and make the necessary iterations early on.

Release & support

We help to launch your application to market, dedicating team members to handle further technical support & maintenance. In case of any downtimes or functionality improvements, the ByteAnt team applies its expertise to meet your growing demands.

Mobile app backend development & testing

Be sure to stay in constant communication with your development team, as we offer product deliverables every 2 weeks, following Agile methodology. We ensure your mobile app stays secure on the server-side and fast-running on the front end by testing your product on multiple layers.

Our Technologies
Due to our proficiency with a wide range of frameworks & programming languages, you don’t have to worry about the stability or security of your software. ByteAnt mobile app development company chooses the optimal tech stack to get your product to market fast & efficiently. Down below, you can see some of the mobile app technologies we use.

Java, Kotlin, Android SDK, Android Studio


Swift, Objective C, Xcode


React Native, Xamarin, JavaScript

APIs & plugins

Firebase, Google APIs, PayPal, GPS tracking

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