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Computer Vision, Sports

Soccer Game Video Production Solution


From the top clubs to the masses quality coverage and broadcasting are highly desirable. The main goal of this solution was to develop AI automatic production, which could fully replace the operator during the game, without using many local cameras. We analyze the movement of the ball and predict its trajectory in order to focus at the active part of the pitch.

What we did

We have developed an algorithm that uses a single PTZ camera at the pitch and drives the camera zoom to the most important events that are detected by computer vision models:

  • Soccer ball detection and prediction of ball trajectory
  • Gates and goal event detection
  • Tracking the position of specific players at the pitch
  • Detecting a group of players

The Results

As a result, we got the perfect solution that allows you to start recording the match and switch your gaze to important moments and zoom in, for more absorption into the game. The biggest advantage of the solution is that only one PTZ camera is used, as in most cases this requires the placement of several cameras at the pitch, that means higher costs.

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