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Testing for quality is an integral part of any software project. Ensure the complete security and high performance of your digital product with the ByteAnt software testing company. We have 14+ years of experience in developing and testing of cloud-based, mobile and IoT solutions

Software testing services we offer

Web & mobile product testing

We take full responsibility for the quality of your software product. This means that every part of your system, including databases, back-end, APIs and front-end UI will be tested for performance and functionality. Be sure to get a solution with a low risk of breakdown or data breach. ByteAnt offers a complete set of software testing services to set your product for success. We run test scripts and make adjustments according to test reports and users’ feedback

QA advisory

If you only initiate your project and are not sure what software testing service you need, the ByteAnt team is glad to help. We study your product requirements and design the right QA strategy for your project. Graphical UIs and back-end structure pass through multiple testing stages to ensure the proper system functioning. Alternatively, we study the current development & testing processes to offer improvements to your QA process. Use our 14+ years of experience in software testing to adopt the optimal testing service for your product

Automation testing

Test automation lets you cut the time & money spent on software testing services. Our QA engineers have experience in developing multi-layer test plans, integrating testing frameworks and providing bug-free multi-OS applications. This means for you a fast & effective testing process with user flows, APIs integration and app performance well tested. Detect every system issue and speed up your product release. Avoid long and risky app development with our help

Manual testing

Manual testing techniques let us check the logical workflow of your solution by manually repeating user actions. We check how separate modules and classes work, then verify their integrations and the overall system functioning with unit testing, smoke testing, and regression tests. Stage by stage, we verify if the application works as expected on the web, desktop, and mobile OS. Moreover, we assure that the application is easy to use and provides an enjoyable experience to users

Why choose ByteAnt?

Detailed documentation of tests and eporting
Experience in IoT product testing, CRM & ERP systems
Dedicated QA teams for middle and long-term cooperation
Flexible engagement models: fixed price, time and material
Processes compliant with ISO / IEEE certifications
Startup-friendly technology partner
150+ delivered projects in 7 industries

Types of QA testing services

Security testing

Discover potential vulnerabilities and safety issues in your application. We apply the proven testing methods to make sure all the stored data stays protected from breaches and external attacks. Analyzing risks and using penetration testing, the ByteAnt team prevents any unauthorized access and bottlenecks in your system. Your mobile or web app will run seamlessly on multiple OS and devices

Functional testing

Making sure that the app functionality responds to preset specifications is a critical task of a software testing company. Our QA engineers apply user acceptance testing methods to check if the app responds to growing user expectations. Avoid the wrong button interactions or even small issues that might negatively impact your app reputation

Performance / Load Testing

Make your app handle large volumes of traffic or exchange huge loads of data easily. We apply positive and negative testing practices to make sure the web or mobile app performs in usual and heavy load work environments. This way, you can prepare to upscale your digital solution and prevent downtimes during system updates

Usability testing

Prevent users from feeling lost when opening your software product. To offer a delightful user experience, any application has to be thoughtfully tested. We help to identify and fix errors in navigation flows, screen layouts, and UI elements behavior. Rely on our quality assurance testing services to get a user-friendly solution that retains your audienc

Compatibility testing

There is a wealth of operating systems, devices and screen sizes in today’s digital world. We offer our QA & testing services to prevent any compliance issues. Make sure your desktop app runs equally well on iOS, Windows, and Linux. We guarantee the possibility to integrate your software with other databases or enterprise software. Based on your digital product goals, let us detect bugs and make timely fixes

Localization testing

Adjust your software to specific users’ locations. Reach people in other countries with multi-language UIs and relevant product content. We use linguistic and localization checks to deliver the right user experience through your service. We also verify the relevance of app layout, keyboards, links, and methods of input to each specific region or country

How we work

QA requirements analysis

We clarify user expectations of the product and make sure they are well scripted and measurable before the testing begins. Finding potential risks in the early stages saves significant amounts of time to the client and team. During the initial stage of testing, we analyze the compliance requirements of a system under implementation to meet both customer and developer demands

Test Plan & Case Development

Creating a detailed traceability matrix, we plan the optimal number of tests to get enough test coverage for your solution. Then we create the time estimates, choose methodologies and scale up the team of QA experts. Preparing all types of documentation, we specify the prerequisites and execution steps of software under test. Meanwhile, we set variables for verifying whether a system works correctly

Test scripts running

Based on the predefined user stories, we set the right environment and create test scripts. Our testing techniques include integration testing, acceptance, and smoke testing to reveal the system failures on different levels. The key is to identify the system performance or security gaps on multiple layers before delivering it to the end-users

Defects closure

Once the test cases are executed, the QA and development team analyzes the results and testing reports. Based on this, we choose the best scenario to close the issues and fix the bugs revealed. Spotting all the problems in the early stages, we prevent any redevelopment or crashes after the product release

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