Software Development

If you are looking for professional software development services at an affordable price, you can be sure that we are your best choice. We specialize in Microsoft Windows based applications development using .NET Framework and C# or VB.NET programming languages. We have rich experience of creating all types of applications for Windows, that is:

Web Design and Development

Being a highly experienced web development company, we offer affordable solutions that are based on rich expertise. From websites that look great on devices to sophisticated e‐commerce systems, we are ready to develop your next site. As we are customer oriented web development company, our aim is to provide high-quality and market‐ready projects that will capture attention and skyrocket your business and revenues.

Here are some areas of our expertise:

Software Reengineering

As technology progresses, a lot of opportunities to improve existing systems appear. That is why at ByteAnt we not only develop software from scratch, but also provide software reengineering services. We understand how important it is to create products that can be easily adjusted to the changing market requirements. When the technology already used becomes outdated and the system is inefficient, our engineers will help you to upgrade existing systems to modern technologies, improve performance as well as extend functionality. This approach always saves time and money, as the scope of reengineering is typically much smaller than what is required to develop a completely new system from scratch. We work with numerous technologies and guarantee a complete dedication to each project.

Mobile App Development

Everything is going mobile. Mobile technologies have completely changed the way we think, communicate and do business.

Many businesses have turned to outsource application development and incorporate mobile technologies. We provide mobile app development on all major platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry. Let’s create an app together, for thousands of end-users or for needs of your company.

We offer

Quality Assurance and Testing

ByteAnt provides the full software quality assurance and software testing services.

We will ensure the security, usability and performance of your product. Quality control services need to have competence, experience and knowledge of engineers. Our testing specialists are involved in projects in the earliest stages in order to guarantee the understanding of the solution.

We do understand project’s peculiarities and do everything possible to apply the most effective solution. Our testing specialists have successfully completed a wide range of assignments, while working on projects for our clients from the USA and Western Europe.We give you highly experienced, qualified and accurate testing resources.

At ByteAnt, we apply Manual and Automated Testing techniques. Manual Testing is effective when underlying software or its user interface are unstable. Automated Testing is an effective solution for quality assurance, tackling the technology challenges and building an efficient testing automation environment for web, mobile, and desktop solutions of any scale and complexity. We use Test Driven Development (TDD) with Unit Testing and Integration Testing.

If you want to make sure that your website is ready for a public use, choose ByteAnt. We will test a functionality of your website, usability, security and much more. Our code specialists are ready to assist you in a number of ways.

Integration of third-party tools

There are many types of applications that require integration. Below is a sampling of integration of third-party tools that we provide, grouped by broad business function.

Consumer Experience Applications: These are applications that enhance the consumer’s experience on your website by offering additional features, tools or services. Examples include:

Marketing, Analytics and Performance Measurement Applications: These components are like a “Big Brother” that, behind the scenes, tracks and monitors consumer transactions and your site’s performance. Consider these options:

Business Operations Management Applications: These are “back-office” applications that require integration with your e-commerce website for the most smooth-running, efficient business operations and supply chain management.


We provide our clients with impeccable services, including hardware design and prototyping, firmware development, mobile apps creation, cloud development and integrations with third-party systems and devices. As we have our own experience in IoT product development, we’ll be happy to help our clients at the stage of concept refining, technical feasibility evaluation, as well as consult about release and support questions.

Big Data

ByteAnt Big data development services deliver customized solutions for a variety of clients ranging from small data analytics startups to large enterprises. ByteAnt development teams and Data Scientists will pinpoint essential components of the Big Data project, transform it into technical requirements and build reliable software solution.


ByteAnt helps companies to create cloud-hosted applications or move their legacy software to the cloud, increasing their productivity by as much as 10+ times. As a result, our customers gain from simpler IT infrastructure, reduced operating costs and streamlined user experience (UX).

Dedicated Team

ByteAnt can provide you with a turnkey package to create your own software development team. This dedicated software engineering team will be tailored to your specific IT and business needs, methodologies and culture, adhering at the same time to ByteAnt’s internal processes and practices. This virtual extension of your organization will allow you to leverage vast reserves of highly qualified IT manpower and a robust infrastructure at a highly competitive cost. With the highly competitive market proposing new sophisticated services nowadays a dedicated team service is attaining a very important role. Working solely on a selected project(s), a dedicated specialist is a professional to learn about the client's requirements and to meet them in the most efficient way. Software development can be rather a time-consuming process. Thanks to ByteAnt’s dedicated team model, notable for its transparent process, efficient solutions and effective communication, the risk for you to pay extra money is significantly reduced. ByteAnt’s dedicated team model was developed to provide a completely exclusive approach to your needs and maximum cost efficiency for your business. You can monitor progress via any communication media and online tracking tools and have complete control over the process. ByteAnt’s dedicated team model is designed to create a framework that ensures successful long-term relationships with customers. Each engagement contract for the dedicated team services is developed according to the client's requirements to provide the best cost effective solution for any given project. There are different ways for you to set up a dedicated team with ByteAnt:

Dedicated team is our primary type of service and we do our best to forge and preserve a long-term working relationship with every one of our clients.

Technologies We Use

Here are just some of the technologies, our engineers use: