Wearable App Development

Build an intuitive application for a wearable device, be it a wristband, a watch, or a car-integrated app. ByteAnt becomes your strategic & technology partner in creating amazing software products.

What We Offer

Smartwatch applications

Besides fitness & lifestyle, there is an unexplored value that smartwatch applications can offer. Simplify financial transactions or health status tracking via an easy-to-use software solution. Seamlessly connect the app with mobile devices, desktop  or web servers, and integrate the necessary services. ByteAnt team will help you to create both Apple Watch and Android Wear applications.

Applications upgrade for compatibility reasons

Change your current iOS & Android applications to make them compatible with wearables. You can add third-party integrations, add new features or completely rebuild your outdated solution to get the brand new business value. ByteAnt advises you on the wearable app development & reengineering to make the transition in the simplest and fastest way. Entrust the development & error fixing to a reliable software partner with high rankings.

IoT Wearable solutions

Connected wearables are among the most valuable IoT applications. They collect and exchange personal data, providing personalized analytics and detailed reports. Explore how you can use the Internet of Things to resolve your business pain points. We are eager to apply our 14+ years of expertise to provide wearable app development according to your needs. Start simple and scale your solution with the growing user base.

Smart Glass applications

App development for the low-power eyewear devices has its specifics. You have to reach a perfect balance of usability and functionality without sacrificing the overall performance. Therefore, the ByteAnt team offers wearable app development services to help you get this balance. Enable data exchange via Wifi or Bluetooth without sacrificing your software security. Applications for smart glasses can enhance diverse business operations and grow efficiency.

Wearable app maintenance & support

Adjust your wearable application to feedback. We offer software reengineering and technical support once your software product goes live. Identifying growth possibilities or critical software bugs lets you prevent downtimes and improve the overall app performance. ByteAnt is a wearable app development company offering you development guidance and skills for your business profit.

Our Portfolio

IoT solution for car owners

We created an online platform connecting telematics devices, mobile app, and web portal into a single software system. Thanks to collected data, a user could see vehicle issues, schedule maintenance, and order mechanics service in real-time.
This functionality was enabled using BLE data transmission, serverless computing, and a set of other technologies.

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IoT system for a sports club

The built-in bike sensors track the power, speed, and heart rate, sending this data to the web server. Users can view this data via connected mobile apps, iOS and Android. Thanks to wearable app development by ByteAnt, athletes and fitness coaches could easily manage fitness data of each athlete in real-time. We used Big Data to analyze large amounts of info and show it in an easy-to-digest way.

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Why Entrust Wearable App Development to ByteAnt?

iOS & Android wearable app development

Get precise estimates and create software solutions targeting multiple OS. Whenever you want to be present on a niche-specific device or to reach users across many platforms, we help you to create a cohesive user experience. Based on 14+ engineering background, ByteAnt offers iOS and Android wearable app development tailored to your needs.

Security & Compliance

The security of your software is highly important to us. Therefore, we test your solution for vulnerabilities and apply advanced data protection practices to exchange and store user’s data safely. Get our advice on the best-matching protection measures such as biometric authentication and regular data backups.

Reliable partner with 14+ years of expertise

Whenever not sure how to implement your software most optimally, we advise you on the technical concepts and stack. Make sure your product is feasible and have a proper strategy before the development stage. We reduce your time to market with fast prototyping & MVP development services.

Convenient & risk-free cooperation

Choose the type of cooperation that suits your business & budget, be it Agile, Kanban, or Waterfall. We set up transparent communication between the customer and the team, ensuring regular reporting and work delivery. Thanks to the straightforward work process and thorough quality control, you can be sure to get the end product matching your initial requirements.

Industries We Serve

Sports & fitness
Real estate
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