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Website Starter Kit for Digital Agencies 

Launch your successful company website with an all-in-one business solution 

All-in-one Solution for Digital Agencies

Build a fully-featured company website in no time

In order not to craft the whole website from scratch, our Starter Kit has a set of pre-built pages specially designed for Digital Agencies: 

  • Home  

  • What We Do (accessible via dropdown menu)  

  • Success Story  

  • Who We Are (About Us)  

  • Blog  

  • Contact Us  

  • Careers

You can easily add your information to those pages and change them to whatever you like.

Present your work

Showcase your triumphs and achievements to captivate potential clients and inspire them to choose your services.  

  • Exhibit a company's portfolio and case studies 

  • Present your work through videos, images, and project descriptions for diverse representation 

  • Add various filters for better sorting of your work 

  • Implement reviews from an external source

Highlight your expertise

Ensure potential clients are well-informed about the comprehensive array of services you provide.  

  • Use pre-built pages to show what you do 

  • Describe your services with selling text, catching visuals, and videos 

  • Showcase your awards and clients you worked with 

Tell your company story

Share your company's narrative by outlining its core values, vision, and mission. Convey to prospective clients the compelling reasons why collaborating with your organization is essential. 

  • Create an appealing About Us page without any effort 

  • Visualize your company story using a ready-made template 

  • Add trust to your company by adding a geolocation with Google Maps 

Connect with clients

Collect responses from website visitors through a contact form. 

  • Customize required fields in the form 

  • Synchronize filling out the contact form with the built-in CRM 

  • Gather any contact details you need (phone number, email, address, etc) 

Hire new people

Enhance your workforce and foster talent acquisition by strategically showcasing job vacancies directly on your website. 

  • Create countless numbers of vacancies on the website using a special template 

  • Find the right candidates using a detailed vacancy description with job requirements and company offerings 

  • Accept replies from applicants directly into your inbox with a job application form 

Share your insights

Utilize the power of your blog as a platform to share compelling and insightful articles that resonate with your audience. 

  • Robust blog engine with vast features to create offbeat content 

  • Ability to SEO-optimize articles 

  • Add new blog authors granting them different user permissions to write and post content 

  • Gather blog subscribers with a neat subscription form 

Engage with website visitors and clients

Reach your potential customers using built-in mailing service, chat, and CRM. 

  • Use an internal mailing service to send automatic emails and newsletters 

  • Interact with visitors on your website through either a chatbot or real-person conversation 

  • Track your progress with every client using an advanced CRM system - Hubspot  

Protect from spammers

Our Starter Kit is thoroughly secure and safeguarded against different types of bot attacks, thanks to a reliable REcaptcha service. 

  • No need to buy or implement an external spam protection tool 

  • 100% protection against irrelevant or harmful emails  

Multi-language website

Reach a wider audience who speak different languages and conquer new markets.  

  • Activate more than one language version of your website 

  • Switch between different versions in a matter of seconds 

Extend the possibilities of a Starter Kit

Easily integrate different 3rd party services within our Starter Kit like Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and more.   

  • Fast and user-friendly integration with any available service on the market 

  • No need to hardcode  

Build your company website today

Use our Starter Kit to simplify the whole process of website development

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