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TOP 10 SaaS Solutions for Small Business

13 Jun 2019


SaaS (software as a service), also known as software on demand, represents a variety of IT services helping out entrepreneurs who runs a company to solve working daily issues and optimize the overall process flow. While most of large-scale business giants can afford and tend to show a preference for the so-called on-premise software solutions and tools, cloud computing is the optimal choice for small- and medium-sized  businesses as it can save company’s resources, in the first place. It doesn’t mean business leaders have no reasons to use SaaS software though, since its commercial benefits are quite obvious.

A sneak peek at SaaS statistics 2019

According to the IDG research, cloud computing strategies are expected to see the sustained uptick in spending through 2019, and that is one of a few reasons why the overwhelming majority of companies will transfer their software to SaaS platforms.

TOP 10 Small Business Management Software

The fact is that the SaaS solutions for small businesses on today’s market are large in number and diverse in function. Sure thing, each business model has its own priority in software selection based on its individual business needs, however there are some general-purpose and wide-applicability tools that every business should opt for.

So, here’s the list of 10 top SaaS solutions of different type, functionality and application area that have already gained much traction among business owners around the globe.

  1. Accounting Software. The main goal of accounting SaaS platforms is to automate financial management and help managers handle their accounting activities, such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, journals, general ledgers, payrolls, etc.

FreshBooks software was designed specifically for small business in order to achieve smooth, comfortable, organized and secure working process, as well as spending less time on accounting.


  1. Task and Project Management Software is aimed to effectively manage and organize multiple business tasks and projects, share data among developers and front-office teams and help them to achieve their goals.

Wrike is one of the leading task and project management SaaS solutions. This multitask platform allows users to discuss tasks and ideas quickly, track schedules, and securely store files. The tool helps small-sized organizations be more productive, optimize their working process, ensure workflow visibility and transparency for all the developers and managers.


  1. Communication Software is an indispensable instrument for business interaction, no matter how large or small your company is. Such an app should have an easy-to-understand set of features and intuitive interface, and be extremely easy to adopt.

Slack is a quite known yet developing multi-platform solution, providing necessary information about any employee within your organization along with saving much time and effort for actionable collaboration due to UX design and feature-rich dashboard. Slack showcases great performance both on computers and smartphones, so you will always be in touch with your teammates.

Source: <a href="">Slack</a>
Source: Slack


  1. Customer Support Software helps you to deal with customers’ complaints and queries in the most effective way. Depending on a certain customer support SaaS solution, it may include different functions and features like registration mechanisms, ticketing, tutorial builders, contact managements, information on customers and their orders, etc.

Freshdesk is a nice example of an easy-to-use customer support solution, which offers feature-rich, multi-functional support tool for small businesses. Automated repetitive work, Live Chat, integrated game mechanics, Linked Tickets, instead of simple e-mails allowing you to track customer feedback and provide an accurate response, SLA management and much more in one meaningful app.


  1. File Management Software allows you to keep and transfer various types of textual data, like documents among your colleagues, customers and partners. Security and usability are the key drivers for that type of software.

M-Files is a smart information management platform, based on three core principles: metadata based, repository neutral, and intelligent that allows you to find and download all the needed data in no time, thus saving your time for more crucial tasks.


  1. Social Media Management Software is geared for social networks information acquiring and orchestration with regard to customers’ preferences and desires, real-time market monitoring and key-word tracking.

Zoho Social allows users to create competitive content for popular social networks, get an overview of all your scheduled posts that can improve your business performance, and schedule multiple social media posts in one go using the bulk-scheduler. What’s more, this SaaS tool enables you to discuss social media performance reports and share insights with your team, monitor keywords and customers’ reviews about your product, engage with customers in real time in order to find out their preferences, and is compatible with Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Source: <a href="">Zoho</a>
Source: Zoho


  1. Marketing Software is responsible for marketing campaign management. In order to enhance marketing effectiveness (such as social media, websites, etc.) and automate repetitive tasks, you most certainly require a multi-functional app.

HubSpot Marketing is the multi-functional or so called all-in-one b2b SaaS software. Numerous features like social media marketing toolkit, content optimization, content strategy creation aimed at drawing attention and converting visitors into potential customers with professional-looking website pages, and other SaaS benefits that make this solution one of the leaders in that particular scope.

Source: <a href="">Hubspot</a>
Source: Hubspot


  1. Sales Software is a set of tools used to organize and speed up a company’s selling processes and activities in order to help achieve company’s goals.

Agile CRM is a very flexible and comfortable-to-work-with CRM system, focused on pipeline management and sales automation, which allows selling more while spending less time and effort on routine tasks. The SaaS solution enjoys such features as automated task creation and assignment, appointment scheduling for sales demos and other events, deep analytics, real-time alerts, lead scoring, and more. With Agile CRM on board, you can easily manage all your deal tracks on the go, gain insights on your current customers with real-time metrics and reporting, automate further phone calls and follow-up emails, and quickly attach any necessary documents to customers’ accounts.


  1. Website Builder Software is one of the most important and urgent things a small business should take care of nowadays, as almost all business procedures go through the Internet providing both customers and sellers with a wide variety of insights. A company’s commercial website is the very place where potential customers get their first-time impressions about your brand.

WordPress is the best choice for small businesses for its intuitive editor and great possibility to create 100% customizable eCommerce websites, portfolios and blogs without any issues. A self-contained and self-maintaining system provides no need in HTML editing and allows a user to manage his websites from any computer or a smartphone. You can create a website with limited capacity absolutely free of charge, however using the tool at its full potential of built-in features requires paid subscription.

Source: <a href="">WordPress</a>
Source: WordPress
  1. Office Software is a must-have solution for tackling burdensome working procedures, whether it be calculations, negotiations, measurement, writing or else.

G Suite perhaps is the most recognizable tool suite in the world as Google has proved itself as a high-quality software developer. Starting with Gmail, it now has great multitask and function software, spreading out over the modern digital world. Gmail, Hangouts and Google+ for communication, Drive for storage purposes; Sheets, Docs and Slides for mutual cooperation between back- and front-office teams. Speaking of this pool of applications, it’s hard to think of what functions they can’t perform, not to mention the compatibility with a variety of third-parties software. It is also worth mentioning that the suite comes along with great security and quality level.

As you can see, the choice above is quite impressive. However, you should remember that out-of-the-box SaaS solutions usually lack a personal touch, meaning every company is unique in its business needs and thus requires professional fine-tuning to streamline its operational efficiencies.

Here at ByteAnt we create competitive custom SaaS software while focusing on actionable customer-centered solutions for small businesses. Our priority is our customers’ satisfaction with our products and services. We are looking forward to a new fruitful collaboration, so please feel free to contact us.

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