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Food, Retail

An eCommerce project embracing a number of brands within a single site was looking for a robust tech-enabled system to keep track of customer orders across various channels and process them in place.

Multiple brands of food united by a single business required an eCommerce solution to track and process orders in a single place. The solution to be capable of gathering information from multiple public facing web shops about a customer food preferences, able to analyse it and suggest similar products.

Was wir gemacht haben

To fulfill the task and boost the system’s operational efficiency, our experts made the following improvements:

  • AspDotNetStorefront, a world’s best engine for eCommerce stores was utilized to help create multiple shops online.
  • Custom web apps with respective APIs were developed to enable smooth customer data collecting from various sources like Amazon and smaller web stores.
  • A special data analytics algorithm was introduced to gather and measure customer order history and come up with personalized recommendations on similar products and the like.

Die Ergebnisse

The solution developed by ByteAnt helped an umbrella company expand its digital footprint on the eCommerce market by providing fast customer-centered purchase opportunities to online shoppers all over the globe. It enjoys great usability empowered with fast page loading, intuitive interface and a personal touch in every detail. Enhanced order and shopping cart features have resulted in significant user experience improvement and added much to the overall brand value.

Verwendete Technologien

  • AspDotNetStorefront
  • .NET
  • ASP.NET Web Forms
  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • Amazon API

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