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Marketplace Builder Solution

There's no need to build marketplace from zero. Launch your business in less than 2 months with our pre-built solution. Get all the basics marketplace features for a successful launch right now.

Online marketplace ready-to-use solution

At ByteAnt, we’ve been providing marketplace mobile & web development services since 2006. We've create marketplace solution with pre-builded features you need to grow your business. There's no need to develop from scratch, everything is ready for you with our marketplace template based on open-source CMS Umbraco. Save time on building your marketplace from zero, we can help you build scalable, conversion-optimized marketplaces specific to your case.

What our clients say

Existing features

We identified the main features that must be present in the marketplace and wrapped it into one ready product. Take a look at our existing features in product you can get immediately to build marketplace.


Vendors can reach a wider user base and generate demand for their service online:
- add goods or services with photos, videos, and descriptions;
- add prices & discounts for each service;
- get reviews once the work is finished and grow your reputation;
- create extended product/service attributes.

Also, our solution provides account management by several users, which greatly simplifies the process.


- Search by dynamic filters - keyword, location, or prices;
- Book a service, and communicate within a platform;
- Add product/services to favorites;
- Leave reviews once the deal is finished.

Search & Filtering

Vendors can create listings (products or services) from inside their accounts. Each listing has multiple simple and complex attributes, like dynamic categories and filters, testimonials, embedded videos etc. The attributes can be easily added/modified using Umbraco content templates.
Buyers can search listings by dynamic filters, geo-location, or using full-text search in multiple listing properties (text).
Buyers can save listings to favorites and contact listing owners (the system sends emails to admins and Vendors about inquiries)

Reviews & Testimonials

Buyers can easily leave honest reviews to improve the seller's reputation on the marketplace and help other buyers make decisions.

Admin features

The most important thing is that the admin manages dynamic filters for listings and all existing data in Umbraco.

Admin can create separate content pages, which can then be linked to the main menu.
Create events that users can search on the calendar or simply in the list.
Create blog to post articles to promote your marketplace and sellers

Built-in SEO-performance - writing descriptions, keywords and automatic generation of sitemaps.

Who can benefit?

Large and mid-size businesses

The growing amount of companies face the need to migrate their traditional business processes online. Even B2B deals that are conducted face-to-face now have a robust digital alternative. Online marketplaces bring unseen flexibility & convenience to agencies. This means new opportunities and sales to your business. Connect multiple agencies & stakeholders easily and expand your user reach. We offer efficient service marketplace app development to help your business advance.

Consulting companies

Connect top consultancy & advisory firms with entrepreneurs. Help founders get experts’ help and choose the right financial, HR or risk & compliance advice provider. A unified marketplace help consultants easily find their clients and gain exposure through SEO-optimised & user-friendly online platform.

Marketplace & sharing economy startups

Would you like to repeat the success story of Airbnb or Uber? Well, it’s worth testing your idea with MVP prior to building it. We have created a custom boilerplate solution for startups to cut your time-to-market down to 30 days. It has all the must-have features ready, such as user authentication, user management and more. Implement a sharing economy business model for your marketplace and realize your idea with low-risk time & money investments.

Marketplace types we provide

Multi-vendor marketplace software

Industries will benefit


Often we don't want to hire an individual worker for short-term work and turn to independent experts for advice. The ideal place to find the best expert is the consulting marketplace platform.
By creating a platform, you get the opportunity to gather professionals and create pages for them, describing their experience and expertise in the industry. And they, in turn, publish lists of their services - consultations, webinars, workshops, etc.


E-learning has become popular since the outbreak of the COVID19. Children study at home, adults have switched to remote work, and that's why the best way to organize learning is the marketplace. You can easily create such an online learning marketplace as Udemy and bring together specialists from various fields from all over the world. Create webinar, workshop, course pages and sort them by individual attributes.


Connect customers and distributors around the world in one easy-to-use platform. Register restaurants, cafes, hotels and other restaurant businesses in order to find business partners in the field of HoReCa.
For the distributor, this is an opportunity to advertise their products and get more customers without being limited to their city.
For the manufacturer, this is direct access to thousands of buyers and analytics that will help to adjust product production.
For the buyer - the opportunity to choose the entire assortment on one site, minimizing the human factor and finding everything just in a few clicks.

Event & Travel

Now, instead of printing street flyers, all you have to do is publish your event in the marketplace. Regardless of the type of your event - online or offline, you will get the full benefit of using marketplaces.
Organize, schedule your events & tours and keep in touch with customers. Customize individual attributes for the event industry - geolocation, duration, ticket price, and more. 


You can spend hours looking for a clinic or a doctor, because health is something we don't want to risk.
Healthcare marketplace gives users the opportunity to filter lists of doctors by rating, geolocation and price. Real reviews are critical when choosing a doctor, and this feature is already implemented in our solution.

Key benefits you get

Save costs

Building custom apps from scratch takes a lot of time and effort. A team of developers, designers and managers will work on the MVP for about six months, and this is a rather large investment. Get a marketplace basics features right now and after just add your specific ones.

Make it fast & easy

Don't waste time developing a marketplace from scratch. Using our solution, it takes just 2 months from idea to launch. Our team of experts has built a foundation that include all the best practices to ensure an incredible experience for your customers from first day.


Advanced filtering of products and services in your marketplace is already in our solution.
Custom attributes will help you design the most convenient filtering for your customers. You can choose absolutely any attributes depending on the type of goods or services that the marketplace will target.

Search by reviews

The reputation of vendors plays an important role in marketplaces, that's why we simplified user's choice by the ability to search by reviews. Sellers will ask buyers to leave reviews to increase their rating, due to which the number of your users will constantly increase.


Each service or product has its own individual characteristics. Setting specific search attributes allows buyers quickly and accurately find the products or services they need.


Buyers get the opportunity to search by geolocation, which simplifies the search and immediately allows to find the nearest office on the map.


Standard plan


- Setup of out of the box features (described above)
- Custom front-end UI based on your design
- Setup of product (or service) custom attributes and dynamic filters for search
- Deployment to your infrastructure Azure or AWS.
- Full source code


If you need features that are not in the standard plan, we can discuss the possibility of developing individual features on top of our template. Contact us to discuss and evaluate cost.

Our work in action

Multi-vendor marketplace

Oftentimes, customers struggle to find the right software vendor fast. Thus, we created a multi-vendor marketplace listing various vendors with end-user reviews and ratings. Thanks to this unified and intuitive marketplace, multiple software vendors find their clients more easily.


Condo Black Book

Accurate & locale-based data on the properties for sale is an invaluable asset to home buyers. Especially if you would like to search for condos in Miami or South Florida remotely. We provided a full set of redesign & development services for the existing real estate marketplace to optimize its performance and drive more traffic.



What do I need to develop marketplace based on your solution?

All you need to get started is to specify your requirements for the development of the marketplace - what type of industry, what attributes of the products or services you need and the requirements for the design, which we will develop for you.

How long does a marketplace take to develop with your solution?

With our ready-to-use solution, you will be able to launch the marketplace in 2 months.

How much would it cost to hire developers to build my additional features for marketplace?

It really depends on a region where you are planning to hire your software engineers. If we talk about ByteAnt (Eastern Europe) average hourly rate would go from $25 to $49.

I want to use integration with other services, can I make it with your solution?

Yes, you can integrate Google Analytics, CRM system, and payment systems such as Stripe or PayPal into your marketplace.

Do you provide e-commerce marketplace development?

No, we develop marketplaces only for the above listed services.

Do you have previous experience in developing marketplaces?

Sure, we have been developing marketplaces for different clients for years. You can check our case studies for B2B or B2C marketplaces. For more examples of our work, please, check our Portfolio section.

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