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Hire React.js Development Company

We offer high-grade React.js development services to get measurable business outcomes. Develop interactive & responsive user interfaces for web using a robust Javascript library.

React.js development services we offer

At ByteAnt, we’ve been providing React.js development services since its first versions. We combine React.js with other programming languages to build an app that runs smoothly both on the front end and the back end.

React.js web app development

Backed by our 15+ years of expertise in web app development, we consider React.js among the most effective tools for building web applications like marketplace solutions and business listings. It allows you to easily change the elements, structure, and style of your without rebuilding the entire app architecture. React apps display well in Firefox, and Chrome, and can handle large loads of data easily

App alteration & re-engineering

Scale & upgrade your software to handle the growing user base or make sure the app meets your current strategic goals. Fix any support & maintenance issues of aging applications. Keep or grow the value of your application with React.js development services by ByteAnt. We re-engineer & adjust the functionality of your software, optimize its architecture without completely rebuilding the existing architecture

App migrating to React

We migrate your application to React without rewriting the whole code base thanks to the flexibility of the library. Change only separate components or the whole app, adding the extra functionality on the top if needed. Leverage advantages of React.js to build a business-focused application

React plugin development

Add more functionality to your web app without writing a single line of code. We develop custom React plugins and import them into your app as distinct modules with their behavior and rendering. We also ensure they are user-friendly and easy to extend once necessary. Include unique features that match your business needs or add another security level to your app. With our plugin & React.js development services, you can get this and more

Enterprise app development

Create a secure & easily extensible software for your business by hiring React developers. We easily integrate APIs & 3rd party solutions into your app, enhance your business, and provide measurable business outcomes. Handle growing loads of data and manage your processes via intuitive app dashboards. We develop apps that can be easily accessed via various OS platforms or browsers, such as Firefox & Mozilla

Post-release support & maintenance

Do you need to support or upgrade your React.js app? Hire React.js developers to keep your app technically up-to-date, maintainable and secure. We iterate your product and use a continuous delivery approach to enhance your React app both from a technical and end-user perspective. We also fix all the flaws timely so that you don’t have to do it yourself

Team of dedicated professionals

15 years of experience in custom development

For over 15 years, our commitment to excellence has fueled our support for clients in achieving their ambitious business goals. Our skilled team has adeptly executed a multitude of intricate customizations, finely tuned to meet the unique needs of each client.

What can you build with the React.js development company?

User-friendly app interfaces
Dynamic & interactive web applications
E-commerce websites
Business online portals & enterprise systems
Mobile applications
Custom software & apps

What our clients say

Why hire React.js developers?

Cut the time of product delivery

Thanks to reusable React modules, you can get your product delivered fast and hassle-free. Since the same components can be used multiple times without the code duplicates, you can reduce the development and deployment time dramatically

Get an easily scalable software

With React.js, you can develop applications of various complexity - for large enterprise and small business. Imparting the app into several separate components makes it easily scalable. Thus, you can add more functionality or target a new OS once it is needed

Keep your code stable

Small code changes or updates don’t affect the overall structure of React.js apps. This ensures a stable app performance and code sustainability. Since React supports one-way data binding, debugging becomes much easier

SEO-friendly websites

Reactjs app development Unlike many frameworks, React.js adjusts the app performance instantly according to the current web page traffic. It also optimizes the page load speed which impacts positively your SEO rankings

Lightweight apps

Known for its simplicity, React.js is considered lighter than alternative front- end frameworks. Thus, it is great for building responsive applications that need to publish and exchange data in real-time. Thanks to its reusable components, you can easily initiate changes in your application and upgrade its’ content once necessary


React is primarily centered on user interfaces. Thus, UIs built with React.js render fast & reduce the loading time of the web user interfaces. This enhances greatly the end-user experience & app performance. Also, you can build great UIs with React.js with extensible features.

Why ByteAnt?

We are a React.js development company offering a full-cycle of engineering services for startups in real estate, healthcare, and other business domains. From requirements gathering to post-release support, you can reply on us with any technical or business-related requests of yours
Experienced React.js engineers

Our React developers have proven skills & experience to deliver software products that are both reliable and user-friendly. Make your application run smoothly across multiple OS and perfectly answer your initial requirements. We stay updated on the latest development trends and technology updates to deliver high-performance software & apps

Long-term partnership

We are proud to become a vendor of Reactjs web development services for companies across the globe. Set up the cooperation within 2 weeks and keep it ongoing for as long as you need it. Long-term cooperation means we are not just a provider of React developers, but a reliable business partner understanding your niche

Transparent communication

We have a well-tested and organized setup process to begin the cooperation smoothly. Daily communication with your team let us stay on the same page and prevent costly mistakes or re-engineering later

View our expertise in action

Flow management marketplace

We created a convenient online platform to exchange various formulas between teammates and external professionals. Using React.js, MS Azure and .Net Core allowed us to make the solution efficient and deliver the right business-oriented product. You can easily monitor the project progress or track individual tasks within this custom solution


SaaS IoT system for automotive industry

ByteAnt team offered React.js development services to build a feature-rich web platform coupled with intuitive mobile apps. The web-based solution should exchange huge loads of data fast, detect vehicle issues and generate real-time recommendations to the end-user. We chose a robust tech stack to make this possible

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