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Marketplace Solution Feature List

ByteAnt Marketplace Solution comprises a comprehensive set of pre-built features essential for launching your distinctive marketplace within a two-month timeframe.

Seller Side Features:

Account Management:
  • Create an account and log in. 
  • Add multiple users to the seller's account. 
  • Create an individual seller's page with multiple locations.
Product Listings & Pricing Control:
  • List products (goods or services) with photos, videos, descriptions, prices, availability, and tags.
Quote Requests:
  • Set the option to request for a quote, request for information, or request for a proposal. 
  • Receive emails from buyers.
  • Collect and display reviews from buyers. 

Buyer Side Features:

Account Management:
  • Create an account and log in. 
  • Update personal information. 
Product Discovery:
  • Search for companies and products using dynamic filters such as keywords, locations, prices, or full-text search.
Booking and Requests:
  • Request quotes, information, or proposals from sellers.
Reviews and Feedback:
  • Leave reviews and testimonials for products, companies, or services.
  • Add products to the favorites list for quick access.

Administrative Account Features:

Dynamic Filter Management:
  • Manage dynamic filters for product listings.
Content Creation:
  • Create separate content pages like blog posts, articles, events, or informational web pages. 
SEO Enhancement:
  • Improve marketplace SEO by writing descriptions and keywords. 
  • Generate sitemaps for enhanced search engine visibility.
  • View your marketplace performance by integrating third-party tools like Google Analytics. 

General Marketplace Characteristics:

Seamless Integration:
  • Possibility for seamless integration of third-party applications like payment gateways, analytical tools, and more for enhanced functionality.
Responsive Design:
  • Optimization for a seamless user experience across various devices, including desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.
Robust Search Engine:
  • Implementation of a robust search engine to facilitate easy product discovery and navigation.
Reviews and Testimonials:
  • Inclusion of reviews and testimonials to build trust and provide valuable feedback from users.
Security and Scalability:
  • Ensuring a secure environment for transactions and data protection. 
  • Scalability to accommodate growth and increased user activity.
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