Big Data and Real Estate

Why Real Estate Needs Big Data

Big data is already changing real estate industry by optimizing consumers search, offers recommendations on real estate websites to potential buyers and sellers

Risk Reduction
Enhanced Marketing Strategy
Data-driver Insurance
Accurate Predictions

Key Solutions For Real Estate

Smart Buildings


Both domestic and commercial households are way too sensitive to ever-changing natural climate fluctuations as well as skyrocketing energy consumption rates. Our reliable AI-driven software solutions coupled with intelligible house control systems enable owners and facility managers to unify all building assets into a robust single ecosystem while providing an enhanced level of comfort and ensuring cost-efficient energy management.

Workplace Optimization


The handling of real estate business issues can be complicated at times, especially if your data management tools for everyday tasks have not yet optimized enough for addressing ever-growing workflow challenges. We know how to tap into the Big Data benefits so you can enjoy safe and stable data orchestration along with the meaningful enhancement of your workplace environment.

Online Marketplace


If you are going to expand your business footstep in eCommerce, then getting innovative Big Data solutions integrated across your online channels is the most promising option. Extend your brand presence on the web with cutting-edge tech initiatives brought to you by the ByteAnt professionals.

CRM Systems


Real estate agents have hard times while facing customer data inconsistencies triggered by ineffective communication channels and poor software platforms. Improve your realtors’ performance with our solid CRM integration solutions that open a gateway to multiple business opportunities like safe customer data storage and management powered by smooth interaction with existing and prospective customers.

Location Intelligence


Striving to deliver exceptional user experiences to your clients, it is high time to incorporate the LI enablements into your business operations and strategies. Seamlessly transform the relevant real estate data such as Google maps, details on property assets, precise GPS coordinates and the like into invaluable locale-specific insights to timely and accurately cater to your customers’ needs and expectations.

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