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Marketplace App Development Company

Ride a wave of online sales & deals. We develop intuitive marketplaces connecting businesses, customers and vendors for the full benefit.

Online marketplace app development

At ByteAnt, we’ve been providing marketplace mobile & web development services since 2006. Use our rich expertise to get an intuitive platform personalized to your industry & business. We help you build scalable, conversion-optimized marketplaces specific to your case.

Who can benefit?

Marketplace & sharing economy startups

Would you like to repeat the success story of Airbnb or Uber? Well, it’s worth testing your idea with MVP prior to building it. We have created a custom boilerplate solution for startups to cut your time-to-market down to 30 days. It has all the must-have features ready, such as user authentication, user management and more. Implement a sharing economy business model for your marketplace and realize your idea with low-risk time & money investments.

Large and mid-size businesses

The growing amount of companies face the need to migrate their traditional business processes online. Even B2B deals that are conducted face-to-face now have a robust digital alternative. Online marketplaces bring unseen flexibility & convenience to agencies. This means new opportunities and sales to your business. Connect multiple agencies & stakeholders easily and expand your user reach. We offer efficient service marketplace app development to help your business advance.

Consulting companies

Connect top consultancy & advisory firms with entrepreneurs. Help founders get experts’ help and choose the right financial, HR or risk & compliance advice provider. A unified marketplace help consultants easily find their clients and gain exposure through SEO-optimised & user-friendly online platform.

Services we offer

From IT consulting to the post-release support, it’s a challenging journey to go. Thus, we become a technology partner you can entrust the creation of your business-centered solution. Choose the online marketplace app development that fits you:

Custom marketplace from scratch

This type of marketplace development gives you the freedom to build your own application logic, control the back end, and the front end. We offer these services for specific business cases when a high level of customization is needed. Add your own unique functionality, content, and integrate your IT solutions easily. We provide you with developers, tools, and consultancy to get your marketplace built fast.

CMS marketplace development

To convert customer’s idea into unique software product by delivering effective solutions to the challenges and creating unparalleled value that outperforms competitors. We believe this is the best long-term way for our business to grow.

Front-end development based on SaaS

By turning to SaaS marketplace providers, you get the back end and APIs for your marketplace ready. It only takes to create an intuitive front-end aligned with your business & preferences. We offer front-end marketplace development coupled with UI & UX design services to give the desired look and feel to your app.

APIs integration & support

We combine robust technologies, our expertise and well-proven workflows to prevent any product flaws. Interconnecting 3rd-party applications and services between them via custom-built or existing APIs make part of our experience. E-mail services, payment gateways or social share integrations add to your application performance and the end-user experience.

Our Services

Multi-vendor marketplace software
eCommerce & mCommerce

Our expertise across industries

Real estate

List all the properties for sale or rent in one place. We develop easily scalable marketplace apps so you can handle the growing amount of realtors; data and update the content whenever necessary.


We offer online marketplace app development listing various types of healthcare providers or insurance vendors. Let users scroll through hundreds of options, compare prices, and contact the optimal healthcare provider instantly.


This is still among the most popular types of marketplaces. Wide customer reach, affordability of service and flexibility are among the key benefits for eCommerce business. We offer trading marketplace platform development services to get you covered.

Digital finance

Banking and financial institutions adjust to users’ demands faster than ever. We build reliable and feature-rich marketplaces for financial service providers to get them a new value & cost efficiency.


Help repair service providers to find their clients via a convenient online platform. Directly integrated service bookings let users contact mechanics & car service providers instantly.

Event & travel

Organize and schedule events, or reach a large user base through a marketplace. Online platforms listing hotel & accommodations, flight offers or the entire tour programs are still highly helpful.

Key benefits you get

Valuable statistics

Via an intuitive dashboard, marketplace admin can see surprising business & service metrics. For instance, one can see what services are most in-demand and promote them more efficiently to users. See who brings you the most revenue and who is the most active platform member.

User-friendly interfaces

To deliver great user experience, our UI & UX designers use their expertise and create a unique visual presentation for your marketplace. We transfer complex datasets and business logic into clean web and mobile applications.

Secure software product

We use the leading security protocols to protect your marketplace from breaches. User authentication, transactions, and data storing should be secure. All the software vulnerabilities are timely explored and prevented. Multiple QA & testing stages ensure your marketplace works with no flaws.

Efficient data management

The growing amount of companies face the need to migrate their traditional business processes online. Even B2B deals that are conducted face-to-face now have a robust digital alternative. Online marketplaces bring unseen flexibility & convenience to agencies. This means new opportunities...

Our work in action

Multi-vendor marketplace

Oftentimes, customers struggle to find the right software vendor fast. Thus, we created a multi-vendor marketplace listing various vendors with end-user reviews and ratings. Thanks to this unified and intuitive marketplace, multiple software vendors find their clients more easily.


Condo Black Book

Accurate & locale-based data on the properties for sale is an invaluable asset to home buyers. Especially if you would like to search for condos in Miami or South Florida remotely. We provided a full set of redesign & development services for the existing real estate marketplace to optimize its performance and drive more traffic.



How much would it cost to hire developers to build my real estate app?

It really depends on a region where you are planning to hire your software engineers. If we talk about ByteAnt (Eastern Europe) average hourly rate would go from $25 to $49.

How can I build a marketplace?

Basically there are 3 key options:

  1. Hire an agency like ByteAnt that will build a custom marketplace for you. It will have all the necessary features for your specific needs.
  2. Use a prebuilt solution. It will have all the standard features but you need to have a developer on your team to adjust it.
  3. Use a SaaS solution. Probably the most cheap solution, however, you will be limited to a standard functionality with very few options to add new features.

Do you have previous experience in developing marketplaces?

Sure, we have been developing marketplaces for different clients for years. You can check our case studies for B2B or B2C marketplaces. For more examples of our work, please, check our Portfolio section.

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